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MRC President Brent Bozell on FNC's The Kelly File, Wednesday, 9:30pm ET/PT


Gay-Friendly Protest Coverage in Sharp Contrast to Sour Treatment of 9-12 Rally

The Times hypes the gay rights rally with optimistic crowd estimates and a positive tone quite unlike the paper's sour coverage of the much larger conservative rally of September 12. But how many ...

Modest Lefty Pittsburgh Protest Comparable to Huge Conservative Protest in D.C.?

Coverage of the leftists and anarchists protesting the Group of 20 meeting in Pittsburgh downplayed the violence in a headline implying peace ruled, and boasted of a crowd size of up to 4,000. Yet ...

Massive Conservative D.C. Protest Buried and Dismissed, But Smaller Liberal Rallies Hailed

A conservative protest at the Capitol numbering in the tens of thousands was worth an unfavorable story on page 37. A much smaller Obama rally got better placement, and so had a previous ACORN-led ...
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