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CNN Laughs at Republicans After Election Night Losses

On Thursday's The Situation Room, host Wolf Blitzer played a montage of liberal comedians poking fun at election night coverage with the jokes overwhelmingly targeting Republicans and ...

The New York Times Makes 'The Conservative Case for Obamacare'

Does this sound like a "conservative" to you? "Social conservatives’ hostility to the health care act is a natural corollary to their broader agenda of controlling women’s bodies. These are ...
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NBC's Gregory: Romney Knows He'll Have to 'Infuriate Conservatives' if Elected President

Responding to co-host Savannah Guthrie observing that Mitt Romney looked like he "was moving toward the center" on Monday's NBC Today, Meet the Press host David Gregory asserted: "...he knows ...
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CNN Ignores Conservative Experts When Slamming Romney Welfare Ad as 'False'

CNN shot down Mitt Romney's claim that President Obama "gutted" welfare reform, despite experts who helped construct the actual 1996 law insisting that Obama did indeed strike at its heart ...
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NYT's Timothy Egan: 'People Who Like Sex...Believe in Science' Won't Vote for Romney

Reporter turned columnist Timothy Egan: "But Romney has a longer list of people who may be disinclined to vote for him. Latinos. Gays. Gay soldiers. People who were bullied as kids. Dog ...
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Former SCOTUS Reporter Linda Greenhouse: 'Breathtaking Radicalism' of 4 Justices Opposed to Obama-Care

Former Times Supreme Court reporter Linda Greenhouse suspects she knows why Roberts may have changed his mind on Obama-Care: "I doubt there was a single reason for the chief justice’s ...
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NYT Editor Gail Collins Vexed by Conservative Texas in New Book: 'Bloodthirsty' Tom DeLay

An outside reviewer for the New York Times found former editor, now columnist Gail Collins' book-length Texas attack unconvincing, over the top, and factually inaccurate "....the problem with ...
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CNN Anchor Tells Bill Nye He's Losing to Conservatives 'Politicizing' the Climate

CNN's Carol Costello told guest Bill Nye "The Science Guy" on Monday that climate change skeptics are "politicizing this issue" and "winning." Of course, the two did not admit to the ...
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Sudden Respect for John Roberts: 'The Man of the Hour' Who 'Might Have Saved' the Supreme Court

Chief Justice John Roberts may have angered conservatives with his decisive vote in favor of ObamaCare, but he was, in CBS anchor Scott Pelley’s words, the “man of the hour” on all three network ...
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‘True Blood’ Creator Says Conservatives Are the Same as Vampires

Undead raunch show’s fifth season will include vampire extremist group as allegory for Christians and GOP.
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