CNN's Cafferty Slams Democrats' Closed-Door Negotiations on Health Care

On Wednesday's Situation Room, CNN's Jack Cafferty surprisingly blasted top Democrats, especially President Obama, over the secret negotiations being conducted to reconcile the House and Senate ...

Oh, No! 'Deeply Red State' of Alabama May Go 'Even Redder'

Reporter Campbell Robertson can't get over how "deep-red" conservative his native state of Alabama is: "...the hostile reaction to Democrats over the past year has been intense enough to turn an ...

MSNBC: GOP 'Grinches' Stealing Christmas, Being 'Mean' Over ObamaCare

Early in the 1PM ET hour on MSNBC on Tuesday, anchor Norah O'Donnell pressed New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg on Republican efforts to slow down passage of ObamaCare: "You guys are going to ...

CBS Host Grills GOP Senator On ObamaCare Opposition; Softballs to Democrat

On Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Maggie Rodriguez pressed Republican Senator Lamar Alexander on the GOP's opposition to ObamaCare: "...there's been a lot of criticism that Republicans have done ...

The Great Newspaper Bailout

Liberals, politicians, journalists want Uncle Sam to save news with your tax dollars

Possible GOP Win in Upstate New York Signals 'Deepened Divisions' in Party?

Reporter Jeremy Peters spins a promising chance at victory for the GOP in a House race as a sign of bad news for the party, citing the "deeply conservative" independent candidate Doug Hoffman.

Wahh! Scozzafava 'Exhausted and Emotionally Drained' From Conservative Attacks

Wahh! Jeremy Peters sympathizes with liberal Republican Dede Scozzafava against mean conservatives: "Exhausted and emotionally drained by the attacks from conservatives seeking to paint her as a ...

Times Plays Catch-Up to Washington Post on Congressional Ethics Scoop

A big lead-story scoop from the Washington Post becomes a Page 22 piece in Friday's New York Times.

Dear WSJ: Congressional Oversight is No Accountability

Politicians report to special interests, not the public.

'Conservatives' Afoot in Upstate New York Election Fighting 'Unorthodox' Scozzafava

Labeling disparity in Jeremy Peters' take on the wild special election to fill a congressional seat in New York state, a three-way battle pitting "unorthodox" (not liberal) Republican Dede ...
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