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CBS: 'Most Conservative' DeMint Backed 'Far-Right' Republicans; Fails to Label Liberal Colbert

Nancy Cordes couldn't have made outgoing Senator Jim DeMint's conservative credentials clearer on Friday's CBS This Morning, labeling the South Carolina Republican "one of the most conservative ...
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NYT's Steinhauer Treats House Conservatives as Childish, Shows Strange New Respect for John Boehner

Times reporter Jennifer Steinhauer used her full allotment of "conservative" labels describing the shock retirement of Sen. Jim DeMint, while another Steinhauer story condescendingly portrayed the ...
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CBS Plays Softball with Senator Klobuchar on Fiscal Cliff; Fails to Mention Runaway Spending

Norah O'Donnell and Charlie Rose tossed softball questions at Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar on Wednesday's CBS This Morning on the looming fiscal cliff, just two days after they hounded ...
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Congressional Dysfunction? New York Times Blames C-Span Cameras, Gingrich and Santorum

Ina front-page story, reporter Jonathan Weisman seems to pine for the days of Democratic congressional barons making rules behind closed doors: "The advent of C-Span 2, which put cameras in the ...
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Networks Blame ‘Fiscal Cliff’ On Congress, GOP 16 Times More than President

 ABC, CBS, NBC rely most on liberals, Democrats for coverage of ‘looming’ crisis. 
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Dems Hand GOP 'Stinging Defeat' in Senate, But GOP Won House Despite 'Deep Disapproval,' Partisanship

Jennifer Steinhauer shone sour light on a bright spot for Republicans in yesterday's vote: "Deep disapproval of Congress and dissatisfaction with partisan division appeared no match for ...
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CBS's Kroft Downplays Harry Reid's Responsibility for Senate Impasse; Hints GOP to Blame for Deadlock

On Sunday's 60 Minutes, CBS's Steve Kroft tried to paper over Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's role in fostering deadlock in the Senate. Kroft spotlighted Reid's "responsibility" for ...
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New York Times Takes Shots at Richard Mourdock Two Days in a Row: Could Cost GOP the Senate

New York Times reporter Jonathan Weisman made Friday's front page on the Republicans' uphill struggles to take over the Senate, and got in a second day of shots against Indiana Republican ...

NYTimes Tries to Boost a Democrat's Chances in 'A Seat for the Taking..." in Congress

Trust the New York Times to provide the "traction" this trailing NY Democratic candidate needs: A Seat for the Taking, but First Seeking Traction." Reporter Michael Grynbaum: "But as [Democrat ...
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As Other Outlets Finally Take Libya Seriously, NYT Buries Hearings on A10 Under Dull Headline

As Congress holds hearings on the fatal attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, some media outlets break news or put the story on the front page. Then there's the New York Times, which devoted ...
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