Krugman's Obama Would be Like 'Franklin Delano'

Nobel Prize winning economist has devoted over half his post-election columns to urging Obama to act like FDR, or promoting New Deal-style stimulus.

Bono to Pen Column for the Times Next Year

Hey, he's got to be better than Bruce Springsteen...

Palin-Hating Columnist Has Epiphany Meeting Pro-Palin Mothers

Judith Warner attends a Palinpalooza campaign rally in Fairfax, Va. and concludes that "liberals need to start working harder at breaking through the empathy barrier."

Clueless Columnist Friedman Celebrates China's "Concentrated State Power"

Tom Friedman cluelessly celebrates the Chinese Communists "planning" and "national mobilization," which included displacing over a million of its citizens to make way for Olympic pageantry.

NYT Reporter Hits "Hard-Hearted" "Xenophobes" Against Illegal Immigration

Former Northwest correspondent Timothy Egan: "Begin with the rallying cry of those on the hard-hearted side of this issue: Build the wall. Deport them all. No amnesty."

Roger Cohen's Embarrassing Obama Hagiography

"Honesty feels heady right now. For seven years, we have lived with the arid, us-against-them formulas of Bush's menial mind, with the result that the nuanced exploration of America's hardest ...

Krugman on "Journalists Who Hate the Clintons"

Paul Krugman fires back on Hillary-hating Obama-supporters: "As I've said, you've been played like a fiddle by journalists who hate the Clintons, and just make stuff up about how evil they are."

Public Editor Lashes Back at Left-Wing Loons Attacking Bill Kristol

But Clark Hoyt still thinks it was a "mistake" to hire Kristol, because the conservative writer suggested last year the Times could be prosecuted for publishing national security secrets.

Busted: Krugman vs. Krugman on Social Security

Is Social Security in trouble or not? For alleged economist Paul Krugman, it depends on whether a Democrat or Republican is saying it. A liberal columnist for the Washington Post zaps him with his ...
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