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ABC Revives Soros-Funded Attacks on Johns Hopkins and Coal Companies

‘World News’ brought back a 2013 report alleging a conspiracy between coal companies and respected medical experts.
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Environmentalists Seek $50B to 'Buy Up and Shut Down' All U.S. Coal Forever

Liberal activists want to raise $50 billion to end coal industry once and for all.
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The New Coal Country

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Opposition Barely Mentioned Night of Obama’s Global Warming Speech

President announces ‘sweeping’ plan that would punish power plants, but hardly a hint of criticism on networks.
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Despite Obama’s Willingness to ‘Bankrupt’ Coal, Broadcast Networks Continue to Ignore Story

In contrast, NY Times and WaPo report Obama’s unpopularity in ‘coal country,’ and expose industry ‘under siege.’
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Environmental Persecution Agency

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Obama's Energy Plan

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Domestic Oil Well Drilling

Obama to Call for Increased Domestic Oil and Gas, says Journal

Media join president in taking an anti-energy industry stance.

Obama Backs EPA War on Coal, While Networks Ignore Harm to Industry

Major utility announces proposal to retire power plants, layoff workers and spend billions to comply with 'pending' regulations.
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