CNN Praises Persistence of 'Resonating' and 'Unignorable' Wall Street Protests

Citing a poll showing that 51 percent of Americans have heard of the Wall Street protests, CNN's American Morning co-hosts lobbed some compliments toward the protesters on Tuesday. Co-host ...

CNN's Erin Burnett Asks Trump About 'Smaller-Tent' Social-Issues GOP

CNN's new prime-time host Erin Burnett pressed Donald Trump about the Republican Party being a "smaller tent party" because of its conservatism on social issues.

Washington Post Blogger Slams O'Reilly for Calling Protesters 'Far-Left Loons' and 'Anarchists'

On Sunday's Reliable Sources, CNN host Howard Kurtz and the Washington Post's Erik Wemple took exception to FNC's Bill O'Reilly calling some of the "Occupy Wall Street" protesters "far-left loons" ...

CNN's Cooper Attacks Increasingly Popular Herman Cain with 'Keeping Them Honest' Segment

At the top of Thursday's Anderson Cooper 360, CNN's Cooper ran his first critical "Keeping Them Honest" segment on GOP presidential hopeful Herman Cain since he is "no longer a voice on the fringe."

CNN's Velshi Admits Press Went Soft on Obama's Tax Hike Plan

CNN's financial guru Ali Velshi admitted that the press didn't really challenge President Obama's proposal for tax hikes after his Thursday press conference on his jobs bill. Velshi, perhaps going ...

CNN's Cafferty Suggests a 'Fat Tax'

Decrying the rise of obesity in America, CNN's Jack Cafferty on Tuesday all but argued for a "Fat Tax" in the U.S., on foods high in saturated fat.

Erin Burnett Confirms She'll Be 'More Opinionated' at CNN than at CNBC

CNN's newest addition to its prime-time line-up, former CNBC anchor Erin Burnett, told Reliable Sources host Howard Kurtz on Sunday that yes, she would be "more opinionated" at CNN than in the ...

Post-Partisan Obama Hit With 'Express Train of Bile,' Piers Morgan Mourns

A well-intentioned President Obama tried to transcend partisanship in Washington, but his efforts were derailed by an "express train of bile" ' according to CNN's Piers Morgan, on Wednesday.

CNN's Cafferty: 'Are Republican Debate Crowds Bloodthirsty?'

CNN's Jack Cafferty smeared entire crowds of people who attended recent GOP debates when he asked on Tuesday if they were "bloodthirsty?"
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