Obama's Grades from CNN's 'Non-Partisan' Panel Match Liberals' High Marks

Three of CNN's supposedly non-partisan political analysts - Jeffrey Toobin, David Gergen, and Gloria Borger - gave President Obama high grades during the network's special on Obama's second 100 ...

CNN Exposes Government's Funny Math for Clunker Program

It turns out trucks and SUV, not small cars, are top 'clunker' buys.

CNN Runs Left-Wing Infomercial For Pro-ObamaCare Rally

CNN on Thursday twice ran a glowing documentary-style report about a left-wing Capitol Hill rally in favor of ObamaCare. Anchor Heidi Collins introduced the 10am ET version by praising the "work ...

CNN Spotlights Criticism of ObamaCare -- From the Left

Jim Acosta interviews Obama's former doctor who says health care plan 'doesn't go far enough,' ignores other voices.

Bill Maher Pushes For ObamaCare; Bashes 'Stupid' U.S.

HBO's Bill Maher, after being asked during a segment on Monday's Situation Room on CNN to explain his recent "soulless vampire bastards" moniker of the current health care system, pushed for ...

Long After Pushing for Hikes, CNN Finds Downside to Minimum Wage Increase

Christine Romans explains small business perspective: increased wages could mean layoffs.

CNN Lets Homosexual Activists Speak Three Times Longer Than Opponent

Wednesday's Situation Room on CNN devoted nearly three times as much time to clips from advocates of overturning the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy than the one sound bite from a ...

CNN Bashes Conservative Ads With 'Industry Insider,' Omits His Far Left Affiliation

CNN glowingly featured an entire segment on Thursday's American Morning about Wendell Potter, a former chief corporate spokesman for the health insurance company Cigna, and he attempted to ...

CNN's Toobin: 'Five Conservatives' Ruled for Firefighters

During CNN's breaking news coverage of the Supreme Court's reversal of Sonia Sotomayor in a reverse discrimination case, CNN's Jeffrey Toobin labeled the majority as "five conservatives" and ...
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