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CNN's Toobin: 'Five Conservatives' Ruled for Firefighters

During CNN's breaking news coverage of the Supreme Court's reversal of Sonia Sotomayor in a reverse discrimination case, CNN's Jeffrey Toobin labeled the majority as "five conservatives" and ...

CNN's Christiane Amanpour Boasts: 'Nobody Knows My Biases'

CBS 60 Minutes correspondent Lesley Stahl interviewed CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour for the website The Women on the Web, and the oddest part came when Amanpour insisted "nobody knows my ...

CNN's Campbell Brown: 'Why Not Be Open to Trying' ObamaCare?

CNN's Campbell Brown used a proponent's own talking point about Obama's health plan as she pressed a doctor over his skepticism of the project during her Monday program: "There's plenty of ...

ABC's Sawyer Swears Health Care Special 'Not an Infomercial'; Touts Network Fairness

Good Morning America's Diane Sawyer popped up on Sunday's Reliable Sources and swore that ABC's much-scrutinized health care special with President Obama "won't be an infomercial." She also ...

Sawyer Defends ABC Health Care Special: 'It is Not an Infomercial'

'Good Morning America' co-host defends special on CNN; calls health care the most important issue.

Bill Maher: Obama's 'Not Even a Liberal;' Blames Media For Lack of Left Wing

President Obama isn't nearly liberal enough for HBO's Bill Maher who on CNN repeated the focus of his rant on his show last Friday night. When Wolf Blitzer asked what he was most disappointed ...

Unbalanced CNN Panel Sides With Letterman Over Palin

"The Big Question" on CNN's Campbell Brown show Thursday night dealt with CBS host David Letterman's raunchy jokes about Sarah Palin's teenage daughter, but the panel CNN assembled justified ...

CNN's Sanchez Again Teams with Leftists to Slam Conservatives

Anchor Rick Sanchez used another crazed gunman's rampage to blast conservative media during CNN's Newsroom program on Thursday, and brought on Media Matters' Eric Boehlert as his aide to bash talk ...

Obama Fiddles with Our Ability to be a 'Rich Man'

Millionaire media stars get their wish as president goes after wealthy CEOs while filling D.C. with his own czars.

Late Term Abortion Doctor starts his Movement on CNN

Anderson Cooper gives abortionist Carhart an unopposed megaphone.
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