ABC Still Silent on ClimateGate, Touts 'Growing Scientific Evidence' on Warming

ABC's Good Morning America maintained its blackout on ClimateGate this weekend, even as Sunday's show previewed the Copenhagen climate summit. Reporter Clayton Sandell showcased two scientists, ...

NBC Nightly News Takes Up ClimateGate, But Frets It Could 'Delay Taking Action'

NBC Nightly News on Friday night became the first broadcast network morning or evening news program to inform viewers about "ClimateGate," but only in the most cursory manner as Anne Thompson ...

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Slams ClimateGate Fakery: When Will NBC Do the Same?

MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan on Friday aggressively took on the subject of ClimateGate, informing a global warming scientist that the "perceived integrity of what you are saying is diminished by ...

Day Fourteen and Counting

NYT's Friedman on Climategate: Global Warming Action Necessary, No Matter Risk or Cost

Columnist likens anthropogenic global warming threat to smoking and suggests even if the risk is just '10 percent' it still merits action.

ClimateGate Held Hostage: Day 14

Yet again the Thursday network evening newscasts on NBC, ABC, and CBS failed to cover the ClimateGate scandal. However, ABC World News did manage to devote a two minute story to the release of ...

CNN's Sanchez Fairly Moderates Debate Over Climate Change

CNN anchor Rick Sanchez fairly moderated a debate between glacier photographer James Balog and Marc Morano of on Thursday's Newsroom about the issue of climate change. Sanchez did ...

ClimateGate Held Hostage: Day 13

Evening news shows on NBC, CBS and ABC continue to give leaked e-mails between global warming alarmists the silent treatment.

The Left's Climategate: A Scandal for Journalism, Too

For Decades, the Media Chose to Champion, Not Scrutinize, Claims of Global Warming Alarmists

Jack Cafferty Highlights ClimateGate, Reads E-mails Doubting Warming

Jack Cafferty went above and beyond many of his colleagues in the media by highlighting the ClimateGate scandal on Wednesday's Situation Room. He presented both sides of the controversy, noting ...
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