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Green Movement Hits Yellow Light on Climate

Bad data, bad public relations, new investigation bedevil quest for cap-and-tax bill.

USA Today Lends Helping Hand to Battered "ClimateGate" Scientist

Four months after "ClimateGate" exposed top climate scientists trying to manipulate data and suppress dissent, USA Today has brought forth a front-page feature article that seems aimed at ...

NYT AWOL on Latest 'Climate Change' Revelations

Notorious climate scientist Phil Jones confessed that world temperatures could well have been warmer in the past than they are today, and also admitted there has been no statistically significant ...

The NY Times Goes AWOL on Latest 'Climate Change' Revelations

Notorious climate scientist Phil Jones recently confessed there has been no global warming since 1995. The Times has skipped that revelation, instead featuring columnist Thomas Friedman renaming ...

It Doesn't Matter What You Do, You Just Caused Global Warming

Blizzards only the latest of hundreds of claims left uses to argue climate heating up while their science claims go into deep freeze.

CBS: Global Warming Science Sound, ClimateGate Just a PR Problem

On Thursday's CBS Evening News, anchor Katie Couric lamented the impact ClimateGate and other recent scandals involving fraudulent global warming data have had on the climate change debate: ...

ClimateGate Fallout: Russian Think Tank Says Temperature Data was 'Cherry-Picked'

IBD: Institute of Economic Analysis says warming could be exaggerated by '0.64 degrees Celsius.'
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