A Global Cultural Potpourri

Rather Praises Clinton As An "Honest Man"

CBS's Top Watchdog: "I Think You Can Be an Honest Person and Lie About Any Number of Things"

Notable Quotables - 05/14/2001

ABC Tries To Shoot Down Missile Defense

To Jennings, Stopping Missiles Is a Waste of Money, But Sawyer Is Afraid of More Dangerous World

Notable Quotables - 04/30/2001

Grading TV Coverage of Bush's 100 Days

Worst Spin Came From CBS's Four Horsemen of Liberal Bias - Rather, Gumbel, Schieffer and Roberts

Notable Quotables - 04/16/2001

Notable Quotables - 04/16/2001

Dan Rather's Donation to Liberal Tax Lovers

New FMP Study: During Bush's First 10 Weeks, The CBS Evening News Was Most Hostile To Tax Cuts

Perky Katie's Decade of Loving Liberalism

According to Couric, Reagan Was "An Airhead" While Dictator Castro Was A "Charismatic Leader"
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