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MSNBC: Leaning Left for 15 Long Years - A Year-by-Year Video Retrospective

On Thursday night MSNBC's cast and crew gathered in Washington D.C. to celebrate their network being on the air for 15 long years. The following collection of the worst MSNBC quotes, year-by-year, ...

Bill Clinton, Still Smearing Conservatives

Digging into the same barrel of mud as in 1995, Bill Clinton repeated his charge that the "anti-government talk" of conservative radio hosts led to the Oklahoma City bombing. But the media ...

On Hardball: Dems to Turn Joe Wilson into Sheehan-like 'Clownish Figure of Ridicule'

You know Cindy Sheehan's star has really fallen with the liberal media when the likes of Mike Barnicle, compare her to GOP Congressman Joe "You lie!" Wilson. On Thursday's Hardball, Barnicle, ...

Sheehan More Consistent Than Media: She Protests Bush and Obama, Media Only Bush

On a Sunday evening four summers ago the NBC Nightly News explored how Cindy Sheehan was "single-handedly bringing the Iraq debate to Mr. Bush's doorstep." But Sunday night this year, after ...

Will Nets Note Sheehan's Anti-Obama Protest?

Media Embraced Cindy Sheehan's Anti-Bush Push in 2005; ABC Anchor Now Says: "Enough Already"

Flashback: When Gibson was Enthralled by Cindy Sheehan

The Washington Examiner's Byron York blogged Thursday about how ABC anchor Charles Gibson declared "enough already" when asked about Cindy Sheehan's plan to travel to President Barack Obama's ...

Left-Wing Cry of 'Revolution' More than Same Old Song

Calls for societal change show liberals want to overturn the things that made America great.
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