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NBC's Todd Proclaims: Republicans 'In Just as Bad of A Place, if Not Worse' in 2014

Appearing on Wednesday's NBC Today to provide his New Year political predictions for 2014, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd assured co-host Savannah Guthrie that despite the ...
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No Mentions of Conservatives/GOP in Networks' Coverage of Latest ObamaCare 'Fix'

ABC, CBS, and NBC all devoted air time to the Obama administration's latest "fix for the botched health care rollout" on their Friday morning newscasts, but failed to include any conservative or ...
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NBC’s Chuck Todd Twists Poll Findings to Fish for Good News on ObamaCare

On Wednesday’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, NBC News political director Chuck Todd desperately searched for a silver lining in the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll numbers on ObamaCare. Todd ...
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Chuck Todd: Now That ObamaCare's Fixed, GOP Repeal Effort May 'Fizzle Out Completely'

On Tuesday's MSNBC Daily Rundown, host Chuck Todd was eager to declare the ObamaCare disaster to be over and claim Republicans were now of the defensive: "With 750,000 visitors to the site ...
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Over 24 Hours, Bad ObamaCare News Vanishes from NBC Coverage

Leading off a report on Monday's NBC Today, White House correspondent Peter Alexander skeptically observed: "The Obama administration says it met its own goal of significantly improving the ...
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Chuck Todd: White House 'Private Sector Velocity' Claim 'Indictment of Government As a Solution'

On Sunday's NBC Meet the Press, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd noted that "the most interesting thing" in an Obama administration progress report on the malfunctioning ...
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CBS Spotlights House GOP Hammering ObamaCare Managers; ABC, NBC Minimize

On Wednesday's CBS Evening News, Nancy Cordes zeroed in on the three Republican congressmen who grilled top administration officials during a hearing on ObamaCare, ballyhooing that "none of them ...
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NBC's Todd: There Were Always Going to Be 'Small Number of Losers' Under ObamaCare

Appearing on Thursday's NBC Today, chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd matter-of-factly declared that ObamaCare was always going to be a bad deal for some Americans: "There are always ...
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Digging for News Vs. Digging Out Obama

Which strategy looks more desperate: Defending the indefensible or savaging critics as somehow responsible for this Obamacare mess? MSNBC is trying both.
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NBC Hypes President's 'Direct Apology' for ObamaCare Failures

Touting chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd's exclusive interview with President Obama on Thursday, Nightly News anchor Brian Williams proclaimed: "We are all about to hear the President of ...
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