Christmas Without Christ

He's the reason for the season, but networks mum on Jesus in Christmas coverage.

Defending Obama's War on Terror with a Fusillade of Cliches

Here we go again. Reporter Peter Baker on how Barack Obama deals with the terror threat: "Where Bush saw black and white, Obama sees gray. Where Bush favored swagger, Obama is searching for a more ...

Happy Holidays: Maureen Dowd's Brother Kevin Takes Over

In the Christmas spirit, liberal Maureen Dowd hands her column over to her conservative brother Kevin. Sharp Democratic-bashing (and hatred from angry liberal readers) ensues. Happy Holidays indeed.

Deconstructing Christmas

Christmas is that time of year when school children gather together to celebrate - well, Star Wars, West Side Story, and Michael Jackson.

MSNBC: GOP 'Grinches' Stealing Christmas, Being 'Mean' Over ObamaCare

Early in the 1PM ET hour on MSNBC on Tuesday, anchor Norah O'Donnell pressed New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg on Republican efforts to slow down passage of ObamaCare: "You guys are going to ...

'Christmas Perils' Preoccupy Washington Post

Health & Science story warns about holiday weight gain, hazardous packaging and poisonous plants.

Latest Scientific Study Finds Santa's a Public Health Menace

Giving the Christmas kill-joys a taste of their own medicine.

Christmas 2009: Oh Come All Ye Faithless

From naked gay pageants to Astroturf trees, it's a tough year for Christmas traditionalists.

Heckuva Job, Desiree: Times Downplays 'Non-Religious Christmas' Plans at White House

The Times left a Christmas bomb in paragraph 12 of its syrupy Sunday story on Desiree Rogers, the bumbling Obama social secretary: "When former social secretaries gave a luncheon to welcome Ms. ...

Jesus, Gary and Joseph?

Dragging down the Nativity story in Amsterdam.
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