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MRC President Brent Bozell to appear on FNC's Kelly File at 9:20 p.m. EST


Iowa '08 Flashback: Media Begins Flirtation with Obama, But Still Hailing Hillary

At this time four years ago the liberal media was just starting its flirtation with Barack Obama in Iowa, while others still carried the torch for Hillary Clinton. On the eve before the Iowa ...

ABC Portrays For-Profit Colleges as Schoolyard Bullies

'Nightline' follows government marching orders and attacks for-profits, never question inflating public university subsidies

ABC Sees Optimistic Terrorist: Wife Enjoys American Sit-Coms While He Dots 'i' with a Heart

Before "a disturbing change" of character in early 2009, Faisal Shahzad, ABC's Chris Cuomo asserted Tuesday night, "seemed to be living the American dream" with a wife who "says she loves ...

Companies Donate $83 Million to Haiti, Get Less Than Three Minutes of Coverage

ABC, CBS and NBC briefly mention corporate donations in wall-to-wall Haiti reporting.

Chris Cuomo's Ten Years of Worrying about U.S. 'Racism' and Lobbying to 'Nationalize' the Economy

On Thursday's Good Morning America, it was announced that news anchor Chris Cuomo would be leaving the program and taking over as co-host of 20/20. Since joining ABC in 1999, the journalist has ...

NBC's Thompson Covers Climategate on Today Show Only to Dismiss It

NBC's Anne Thompson, on Monday's Today, covered the Climategate story only to essentially dismiss it in a nothing-to-see here, move along fashion. CBS's The Early Show had a brief mention of it, ...

Report: Liberal Dem George Stephanopoulos Edging Out Liberal Dem Chris Cuomo for Anchor Slot

The Daily Beast on Friday reported that former Democratic aide turned journalist George Stephanopoulos has now pulled ahead of ex-Democratic Governor Mario Cuomo's son, Chris Cuomo, in the race to ...

Kurtz Points Out: Two Democrats Vie for GMA Slot

In the midst of all the elite upset over FNC's supposedly over-the-top opposition to President Obama, Washington Post media reporter Howard Kurtz pointed out that the apparent two finalists to ...

Networks Barely Report 'Stealth' Push for 'Second Stimulus'

Stories mostly ignore failure of Obama's $787 billion stimulus to halt rising unemployment, continue to give credit for saving or creating jobs.

Andy Williams Backtracks from Obama 'Wants the Country to Fail'

Legendary singer Andy Williams has backed off the sharp edge of his criticism of President Obama. About three weeks after he told a British magazine Obama "wants the country to fail," Williams, ...
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