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CBS Hounds Rahm Emanuel from the Left on Gun Control; Completely Avoids Chicago's High Murder Rate

On Tuesday's CBS This Morning, Norah O'Donnell and Charlie Rose ganged up on former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel from the left. O'Donnell cited sources blaming Emanuel for the President's ...
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Rich Portrays Chicago Teachers As Acting on Principle, Skips $75,000 Average Salary

Getting to the left of her paper's editorial page, Times reporter Motoko Rich portrayed the striking Chicago teachers' union as acting on principle: "These efforts are stirring skepticism and ...
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CBS Plays Softball With Durbin on ObamaCare, Chicago Teachers Strike

On Monday's CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose and Norah O'Donnell let Illinois Senator Dick Durbin forward the Democratic Party's talking points against Mitt Romney on ObamaCare by tossing him ...
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As Teachers Strike in Rahm Emanuel's Chicago, Only CBS Mentions They Make $71,000 a Year

All three morning shows on Monday covered the massive teachers strike in Rahm Emanuel's Chicago that left 350,000 students in the lurch. However, only CBS This Morning explained that the ...
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Networks Welcome Rahm Emanuel, Skip Blood-Soaked Violence Gripping Chicago

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel appeared on all three morning shows, Wednesday, but faced no questions about the city's skyrocketing murder rate. Instead, NBC, CBS and ABC treated the former chief ...
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NYT Claims 'An Uneventful Weekend' in Chicago...Except for the Mass Arrests and Terror Plots

The Times praised "an uneventful weekend" of anti-NATO protests in Chicago -- but there were 90 arrests, anti-cop violence, and a foiled terrorist plot. The paper also strove to portray ...
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Morning Shows Skip Ideological Labels for Violent Anti-War Protesters

Violent anti-war protesters clashed with Chicago police this weekend, but the network morning shows on Monday avoided attempts at pinning an ideology on them, simply referring to "anti-war" ...
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NATO Protests Were Sign of Potential Occupy Strength for NYTimes...Until Terror Plots and Arrests

What happened between Thursday and Sunday that cause the Occupy protest movement to disappear from the Times' radar? The Times on Thursday, before violence at the NATO summit in Chicago: ...

CBS Heralds Rahm Emanuel 'Weeding Out Corruption' in Chicago

CBS's Cynthia Bowers trumpeted the inauguration of incoming Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Monday's Early Show, highlighting how the former Obama chief of staff went "weeding in a community garden. ...

Too Many Vacations? Let's be Thankful He's Out of the White House

We would all benefit if Obama went on a two-year holiday.
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