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Nets Tout Olympics 'Super-Fan' Obama's 'Swifter, Higher, Stronger' Effort to Land 2016 Games

President Barack Obama's last-minute decision to fly Thursday to Copenhagen to pitch Chicago's bid for the 2016 summer Olympic games excited broadcast network journalists Monday night. "The ...

'Some Welcome Employment News' -- At Least According To ABC

Obama Administration: 12,000 new jobs, good news. Under Bush: 56,000, not so good.

Obama's 'Extraordinary Media Blitz' Begins Friday Night with Focus on Racism Charge

TV network journalists Friday night marveled at President Obama's "media blitz" on health even as they reveled in it as they made the very "blitz" and clips from the interviews (conducted Friday ...

The Media Depression that Wasn't (Even Close)

How the networks conjured 'Hoovervilles' and breadlines to sell Obama's spending.

ABC: Obama Critics 'Driven By Refusal to Accept Black President'; NBC Trumpets Carter's Racism Charges

Tuesday night ABC and NBC joined efforts to undermine the tea parties by smearing them as racists. ABC framed a story around "Obama supporters are now saying" the opposition to him is "driven, in ...

CBS Skips Murder of Pro-Life Activist; ABC Sees 'Flip Side' to Killing of Abortionist Tiller

Despite having extensively covered in June the killing of abortionist George Tiller, Katie Couric's CBS Evening News on Friday skipped the killing of a pro-life activist. ABC's Chris Bury ...

Network Echo Chamber: Appalled by Ugly 'Shout Heard 'Round the World'

Media minds think alike. ABC: "It was the shout heard 'round the world." CBS: "It was the shout heard 'round the world." NBC, slightly creative: "The outburst heard 'round the world" and the ...

ABC Rues How Conservatives and Citizen Journalists Are Derailing Obama's Agenda

ABC's World News on Tuesday night bemoaned the impact of conservatives and citizen journalists in derailing President Barack Obama's agenda. Pivoting from the reaction to Obama's address to ...

ABC Touts Democratic 'Battle Cry' to 'Win One for Teddy' on Health

ABC displayed "Battle Cry" on screen as anchor Charles Gibson teased Thursday's World News: "Health care reformers hope to win one for Teddy, but the opposition is largely unmoved." Gibson ...

Will Nets Note Sheehan's Anti-Obama Protest?

Media Embraced Cindy Sheehan's Anti-Bush Push in 2005; ABC Anchor Now Says: "Enough Already"
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