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MRC's Bozell to appear on FNC's 'Kelly File' at 9:40pm ET


CNN's Larry King Replacement Praises Obama for Improving America's Image Abroad

In a Thursday interview with CBS Early Show special contributor Amanda Holden, Larry King replacement Piers Morgan talked about his new CNN show and who would be at the top of his guest list: ...

CBS's Smith: Did Opposition to Ground Zero Mosque Lead to Koran Burning?

In an interview with Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison on Thursday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith implied a link between Ground Zero mosque opposition and a pastor's plan to burn the ...

CBS's Smith Questions 'Radical Islam' Being America's Enemy

In an interview with controversial Florida Pastor Terry Jones on Wednesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith doubted whether or not Muslim extremism was really a threat: "Would you regard ...

CBS's Smith Pressures GOP to Sign On to 'Obama's New Deal'

On Tuesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith touted President Obama's economic proposals and portrayed Republicans as obstructionist: "Obama's new plan. The President proposes to spend $50 ...

'The Early Show' Stays Positive on Health Care Reform

Who is going to benefit from ObamaCare? CBS says everyone maybe.

Divorce: Do it for the Kids!

CBS' 'Early Show' reports on how divorce makes men better fathers.

CBS's Rodriguez: Catholic Church Too 'Stringent,' Should Be 'More Progressive'

While reporting on disgraced priest Alberto Cutie leaving the Catholic Church in the wake of a sex scandal, on Friday's CBS Early Show, Maggie Rodriguez asked Father Thomas Williams about the ...

Flashback: Nets Were Quick to Tag Alito and Roberts as 'Ultra' and 'Hardline' 'Conservatives'

Network anchors and reporters didn't hesitate to apply strong ideological labels (not just quoting others) to President Bush's two Supreme Court nominees, John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Will they ...

CBS's Harry Smith 'Regrets' Not Speaking Out Against Iraq War

On Friday's CBS Early Show, co-host Julie Chen read some viewer email, including a question from one woman who asked: "Would you be willing to jeopardize your job to report something your bosses ...

CBS's Rodriguez Grills Miss CA: Are You Being 'Hypocritical'?

On Wednesday's CBS Early Show co-host Maggie Rodriguez interrogated Miss California Carrie Prejean, wondering if the beauty queen was a hypocrite for standing up for Christian values.
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