CBS Ignores Sotomayor's Multiple 'Wise Latina' Comments

Reporting on Sonia Sotomayor responding to questions about her "wise Latina" comments during Tuesday's confirmation hearing, CBS's Wyatt Andrews glossed over the multiple times she made the ...

Maggie Rodriguez Brings La Raza Perspective to CBS

A cover story in the June edition of Latino Magazine, discussed CBS Early Show co-host Maggie Rodriguez's efforts to "...educate her peers on how to be cognizant of Latino viewers, by pushing ...

Networks Barely Cover 'Jane Roe's' Arrest

Anti-abortion outburst? Nothing to see here.

Bozell Commends CBS

CBS's Smith Sees No Liberal Activism In Sotomayor Record

Responding to Senator Jeff Sessions describing Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor as a "typical liberal activist judge" CBS Early Show co-host Harry Smith argued: "You feel like her record ...

CBS: Sotomayor 'Perfect Nominee,' An 'All-American Story'

On Monday, CBS correspondent Wyatt Andrews reported on the beginning of confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor and declared: "To Democrats, Sotomayor is the perfect ...

CBS: World Leaders 'Relieved' Obama President Instead of Bush

On Thursday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Chip Reid described the relief of world leaders at the G-8 Summit that Barack Obama was representing the United States: "...the President showed yet ...

Jacko Telethon: Primetime Broadcast Network Coverage Devotes One Third of All News to Pop Star's Death

Breakdown of the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts shows Michael Jackson's death dominating coverage with 4 times more TV than any other story in 13-day span.

Network Reporting All Wet on Bottled H2O

ABC, CBS, NBC continue bashing bottled water industry.
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