Couric: Obama 'Could Have Done a Better Job Outlining' Health Care

'CBS Evening News' host admits being 'depressed' over health care debate and gridlock; asks why we can't take the Rodney King approached and 'just get along.'

Perez Hilton: Coarsening the Culture One Blog Post at a Time

The media embrace him and Hollywood appeases him. But Hilton is nothing more than a vulgar cyber-bully.

CBS's Greenfield: Is Right-Wing 'Militancy' A Dilemma for GOP?

Reporting for CBS's Sunday Morning, political analyst Jeff Greenfield wondered about the impact of nationwide ant-Obama protests: "Does this new militancy on the Right pose an opportunity for the ...

CBS Early Show: Michelle Obama 'Stealth Weapon' In Health Care Debate

On Friday's CBS Early Show, White House correspondent Bill Plante highlighted President Obama's latest media blitz on health care reform and touted a new piece of the PR arsenal: "The President ...

The Media Depression that Wasn't (Even Close)

How the networks conjured 'Hoovervilles' and breadlines to sell Obama's spending.

CBS and NBC Finally Catch Up to ACORN Scandal; Express Sympathy for the Left-Wing Group

CBS and NBC finally covered the ACORN scandal, but depicted the left-wing group as a victim. Evening News anchor Katie Couric lamented: "ACORN helps low-income Americans find affordable ...

Networks Ignore Push for Repeal of DOMA

ABC, CBS and NBC continue pattern of whitewashing gay issues.

CBS's Nancy Giles: Joe Wilson Like A 'Drunk At Open Mic Night'

Appearing on CBS's Sunday Morning, commentator Nancy Giles shared her thoughts on Congressman Joe Wilson's outburst: "Some sign waving and you probably heard about it, heckling. At a joint session ...

Media Coverage of the 9/12 Protests: A Report Card

Liberal Nets Acknowledge News Value of Anti-Obama Rally, but Much of the Coverage Is Antagonistic
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