CBS's Bob Schieffer: White House May Have to Waterboard Dems to Pass Health Care

The White House may have to waterboard its congressional allies to compel enough Democrats to support the health care bill and Congress will definitely have to raise taxes if the bill passes, ...

ObamaCare Aided by Big Doses of Media Spin

MRC Details 12 Months of Friendly Coverage for Liberals, Hostility for Government Health Care Foes

CBS's Smith Touts Anti-War Film 'Green Zone' As 'Bourne Meets Hurt Locker'

In an interview with Matt Damon near the end of Thursday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith helped promote the actor's latest film, 'Green Zone,' which attacks the Bush administration over the ...

ABC, CBS, NBC Join Obama's Attack on Insurance Companies

Broadcast news programs blast excessive and 'arbitrary' rate hikes, stack guests against Anthem and WellPoint.

ABC, CBS Flock to SEIU-Stacked Anti-Health Insurance Protests

Networks portray labor protests against America's Health Insurance Plans meeting in D.C. as democracy in action.

CBS Touts Soda Tax As 'Good for Waistline and Bottom Line'

Concluding a report on proposed soda taxes across the country on Monday's CBS Evening News, correspondent Michelle Miller gleefully proclaimed how such a tax would help fight obesity and fill ...

CBS 'Early Show' Declares Obama 'On the Offensive' on Health Care

At the top of Tuesday's CBS Early Show, co-host Harry Smith proclaimed: "President Obama makes a tough final push, going on the offensive against health insurance companies. Will it work?" Later, ...

CBS: 'Compassion Boom' in America Result of 'Obama Effect'

Near the end of Monday's CBS Early Show, co-host Erica Hill touted a new Parade magazine survey on volunteerism in America: "it indicates America is in the midst of what some are calling a ...

CBS Drama Showcases Blank Book that Mocks Palin as Empty-Headed Dunce

On this past Tuesday's episode of The Good Wife on CBS, viewers were treated to a scene in which a ballistics expert opens a gift, from a partner of a law firm, to find a book about Sarah Palin ...
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