Early Show Panelists on Marriage: 'Who Wants to Sign Up for That?'

Erica Hill's report highlights cohabitation, ignores benefits of marriage.

On Networks, 'Controversial' Law Means Conservative Law

ABC, CBS, NBC label conservative laws controversial 30 times more than liberal laws; Arizona immigration policy most-criticized in five years

CBS Fawns Over Pay Czar Feinberg: He Speaks With 'Moral Authority' and Knows the Value of Human Life

On the June 20th edition of Sunday Morning, CBS reporter Richard Schlesinger conducted a glowing interview with pay czar Kenneth Feinberg, lauding him as someone who speaks with "moral authority" ...

ABC Focuses Oil Spill Blame on BP and Coast Guard, Not Obama; CBS Gives President 'C' for Response

On Thursday's Good Morning America on ABC, co-host George Stephanopoulos laid blame on BP and Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen for mishandling the Gulf oil spill response but depicted the Obama ...

Obama Wants $50 Billion more for Stimulus, Networks Nearly Silent

Broadcast news devotes 38 times more coverage to World Cup than presidential push to bailout police, firemen, teachers.

ABC's Stephanopoulos Lobbs Softballs to Gibbs; CBS and NBC Provide Challenge

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs made the rounds on the network morning shows on Tuesday, ahead of President Obama's prime time Oval Office address on the Gulf oil spill. While he had ...

Network News Shows Largely Skip President's $50 Billion Spending Request

The network morning and evening news shows have all but ignored President Obama's Saturday letter to congressional leaders asking for $50 billion in additional spending to prevent the "massive ...

CBS's Schieffer: S.C. Politics Like 'Desperate Housewives'; Dems 'Happy' Angle Won in Nevada

On Wednesday's CBS Early Show, Face the Nation host Bob Schieffer provided analysis of Tuesday's primary elections across the country, describing the South Carolina gubernatorial race "where they ...

Evening News Shows Enthuse Over Helen Thomas, a 'Bona Fide Icon' and a 'Trailblazer'

The three evening news shows on Monday treated the announcement of Helen Thomas' retirement as an occasion to gush over the "bona fide icon" and "trailblazer." At the same time, CBS's Evening ...
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