Morning Shows Spare a Scant Two and a Half Minutes for 'Landmark' Gun Ruling

Despite referring to it as "landmark" and "huge," the network morning shows on Tuesday mostly ignored Monday's Supreme Court ruling, which declared the Second Amendment a fundamental right that ...

NBC and ABC Barely Touch Kagan Hearings, CBS Promotes Her As 'Very Agile'

While ABC's Good Morning America and NBC's Today spent little time on the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan on Tuesday, the CBS Early Show featured a report from legal ...

Kagan Hearings, Day 1: Evening Newscasts Downplay; NBC Offers Just 24 Seconds

All three network evening newscasts on Monday downplayed the start of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan's confirmation hearings, with NBC Nightly News squeezing in just 24 seconds for Kagan at the ...

VIDEO: Media Routinely Used 'Conservative' Label on Bush Nominees to Supreme Court; Obama Picks Always 'Centrist'

When President Bush nominated John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court in 2005, the media did not hesitate to describe both men as "very conservative," but when President Obama nominated ...

Networks Defend 'Consensus Builder' Kagan; Downplay Military Recruiter Ban

The Monday morning shows on CBS, ABC, and NBC all worked to portray President Obama's Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan as a moderate and open-minded legal scholar, downplaying her liberal views. ...

The Media Are Unanimous: Obama Is "Brilliant"

Vol. 23, No. 13

Media Blackout of Supreme Court "Battle"

MRC Analysis: ABC, CBS and NBC Virtually Ignore Kagan Controversies; No Soundbites from Conservative Groups

TV Journalists Praise Obama's 'Brilliant' Handling of McChrystal Controversy

President Obama's decision to relieve General Stanley McChrystal of command in Afghanistan and replace him with General David Petraeus was met with a chorus of praise in the media, as anchors and ...

Media-Backed Obama Mortgage Program Flops

Broadcast networks supported homeowner bailout even as 'hiccups' in system were exposed.

Early Show Panelists on Marriage: 'Who Wants to Sign Up for That?'

Erica Hill's report highlights cohabitation, ignores benefits of marriage.
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