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NBC Warns: Supreme Court 'Opens the Door Even Wider for Unlimited Money in Politics'

On Thursday's NBC Today, White House correspondent Peter Alexander decried Wednesday's Supreme Court ruling striking down some campaign finance restrictions: "So just consider this, in just ...
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Bob Schieffer and Brian Williams Push Liberal Reaction to SCOTUS Campaign Finance Decision

Both CBS's Bob Schieffer and NBC's Brian Williams cried foul on Wednesday evening at the Supreme Court striking down the cap on overall political donations, showing sympathy for supporters of ...
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NYT's Front Page Features Paternalistic Liberal Take on Minority Groups Against NYC Soda Ban

New York Times campaign finance reporter Nicholas Confessore's front-page story took a liberal angle on a judge striking down New York City's controversial new regulation banning large soda ...

NYT's Weisman Laments 'Limits of Campaign Finance Rules' That Mean Democrats Sometimes Lose Elections

By "advocacy groups" and "campaign finance watchdogs," the New York Times Jonathan Weisman means partisan liberals and Democrats: "To Democrats and some campaign finance watchdogs eager to force ...
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More Soros-Funded Criticism of the Right

NY Times knocks conservatives for using tax-exempt groups to shield donations, yet uses Soros groups’ data.

NYT: Sen. Mitch McConnell's 'Incendiary Defense' of Free Speech?

"...Mr. McConnell did not sound like a bomb-thrower, but his speech was an incendiary defense of the free flow of campaign cash in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ...
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NBC's Todd Warns: Romney May Be 'Least Transparent President In a Generation'

At the top of his Tuesday MSNBC morning show The Daily Rundown, NBC chief White House correspondent and political director Chuck Todd cited the Romney campaign's refusal to release a list of ...
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NBC's Williams Decries 'People Who Had Never Been to Wisconsin' Donating to Recall Race

Remarking that Wisconsin voters had "decided to leave their governor in office" on Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams contemptuously declared that "money flowed into that state ...
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Networks Whine Over 'Massive Spending Gap' Between GOP and Dems in Wisconsin

Searching for an excuse to explain what went wrong for Democrats in Wisconsin, the broadcast networks blamed "a record-shattering $64 million poured into" the recall election by "conservative ...
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NBC: Most See Prosecution of John Edwards As 'Waste of Taxpayer Money'

Adding to past reports defending disgraced former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards against charges of violating campaign finance laws, on Thursday's NBC Today, correspondent Lisa ...
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