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Campaign 2012

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NBC's Medical Editor 'Sick' Over 'Guns and Violence' in Santorum Ad

On Thursday's NBC Today, chief medical editor Nancy Snyderman scolded Rick Santorum for a recent humorous campaign ad that depicted Mitt Romney firing a mud-filled paint ball gun at a ...
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Times Covers a Dozen People in Silly Protest of Romney's Crate-Gate; Ignored Massive Pro-Life March

The New York Times found newsworthy a mocking protest against Mitt Romney by a “dozen people” representing the canine community, which apparently feels insulted by Mitt’s treatment of his ...
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NBC: Republicans 'Quick to Lash Out' at Obama Budget

In an attempt to frame Republican opposition to the President's 2013 budget proposal as merely political posturing, NBC Today co-host Ann Curry announced to viewers on Tuesday: "President Obama ...
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Michelle Obama Not Just Fashion Star But "Potent" Political Weapon Who Strikes "Common Chord"

Mark Landler heaps praise on the First Lady, down-to-earth role model and politico extraordinaire: "The trip is a timely reminder of why the Obama campaign views her as such a potent weapon." She ...
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NBC's Gregory Dismisses Santorum Concerns Over Obama Second Term

In a hostile interview with Rick Santorum on Sunday's NBC Meet the Press, moderator David Gregory attempted to paint the Republican presidential candidate as some kind of paranoid conspiracy ...
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NBC's Curry Grills Santorum on Negative Campaigning, Women in the Military

In the only network morning show interview with Rick Santorum in the wake of his three-state victory on Tuesday, NBC Today co-host Ann Curry on Friday pestered the former Pennsylvania ...
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NBC Liberals All Agree: GOP Should 'Be Quiet' on Chrysler Ad, Obama Did 'Save the Auto Industry'

In a panel discussion on Wednesday's NBC Today, committed liberal and advertising executive Donny Deutsch denounced critics of Chrysler's Super Bowl ad: "Republicans should be quiet because by ...
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NBC Gives Author Platform to Bash Rick Santorum as a 'Crazy Man' That 'No One Would Believe'

Hocking his new novel on Wednesday's NBC Today, author Josh Bazell launched into a rant against the GOP and Rick Santorum specifically: "If I were to create a character who, say, had been the ...
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Meet Mitt Romney, 'Unfeeling Corporate Titan'

Times reporter Ashley Parker, on the Romney campaign trail, used an out-of-context remark by Mitt Romney to rehash Romney’s list of rich-guy campaign gaffes.
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