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Krugman Says GOP Lying About Obama Wanting Higher Gas Prices....But Obama Did in 2007

NYT's Krugman: "First, the lie: No, President Obama did not say, as many Republicans now claim, that he wanted higher gasoline prices....The claim that Mr. Obama wanted higher prices is a lie, ...
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NYT Columnist Gail Collins Takes Her 'Seamus' Obsession to Letterman Show

New York Times columnist Gail Collins went on the Late Show with David Letterman, ostensibly to discuss her biography of President William Henry Harrison. But the first segment was entirely ...
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NBC Puns: 'Romney's Having A Hard Time Shaking' Etch-A-Sketch Gaffe

Eager to seize on an unfortunate Etch-A-Sketch analogy made by a Romney campaign advisor, on Thursday's NBC Today, co-host Ann Curry used all her cleverness to come up with this one-liner: ...
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NBC Uses Edited Clips to Recount Romney 'Flubs'

On Wednesday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Chuck Todd filed a report in which he recounted verbal "flubs" of the Romney campaign, but, as he showed brief clips of past Romney statements, he ...
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WaPo's Woodward Demands Media Combat Super-PAC 'Poison' With 'Clear-Eyed View' of Candidates

Appearing on Sunday's NBC Meet the Press, Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward mounted his high horse in condemning the role of Super-PACs in the 2012 race: "...under the Supreme ...
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NYT: Santorum's 'Circuslike' Position on Terry Schiavo Right-to-Die Case 'Left Public Aghast'

Times reporter Katharine Seelye's long profile of Rick Santorum was harsh on his principled stand as a U.S. senator in the case of Terry Schiavo, the brain-damaged Florida woman whose feeding tube ...
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Another Bogus NYT Story Baselessly Assumes Contraception Fight Hurting the GOP

Another phony New York Times story suggesting women's issues like abortion and contraception are hurting the GOP: Reporter Ashley Parker ignores inconvenient findings from the paper's own poll ...
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NBC Airs Obama Campaign Press Release and Pretends It's News

At the top of Thursday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams did his part for President Obama's re-election as he announced: "Game on. The President and Vice President hitting it hard ...
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NYT Plays Guilt By Association: 'Firm Romney Founded Is Tied to Chinese Surveillance'

Anti-Romney guilt by association in a New York Times headline: "Firm Romney Founded Is Tied to Chinese Surveillance." That would be Bain Capital, which has donated more to Democrats than ...
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Liberal 'Talking Points Memo' Blog Outclasses 'Objective' New York Times in Fact-Checking Obama Speech

The partisan liberal news site Talking Points Memo managed to be tougher on President Obama's speech in Maryland than reporter Mark Landler of the New York Times, fact-checking Obama's claims ...
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