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NBC's Williams: Giuliani Endorsement of Romney 'Part of What Makes So Many Americans Cynical About the Process'

In a news brief on Monday's NBC Nightly News, anchor Brian Williams managed to twist a positive development for Mitt Romney, the endorsement of Rudy Giuliani, into a negative: "Giuliani, who ...
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Cooper's Lede on Obama's Anti-Romney Attacks: 'So Long, Flip-Flopper. Hello, Right-Wing Extremist'

New York Times reporter Helene Cooper seemed comfortable broadcasting broad anti-Romney insults: "So long, flip-flopper. Hello, right-wing extremist. Mitt Romney may be inclined to start ...
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NBC's Chuck Todd Uses Sarah Palin to Disqualify Marco Rubio as Potential VP

Appearing on Tuesday's NBC Today, political director Chuck Todd warned Mitt Romney against picking Marco Rubio as a vice presidential running mate with a negative comparison to Sarah Palin: ...
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Public Editor Confesses: NYT 'Basked a Bit in the Warm Glow of Mr. Obama's Election'

New York Times Public Editor Arthur Brisbane admits: "Many critics view The Times as constitutionally unable to address the election in an unbiased fashion. Like a lot of America, it basked a ...
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NBC's Chuck Todd Dismisses Hilary Rosen Comments As 'Manufactured Controversy'...Eight Times

On his 9 a.m. EDT MSNBC show The Daily Rundown on Friday, NBC political director and chief White House correspondent Chuck Todd referred to Hilary Rosen's denigrating remarks about Ann Romney as a ...
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New York Times Goes Mild on Insult of Ann Romney: 'Some Women saw an Opportunity Squandered'

The Times portrayed Obama supporter Hilary Rosen's gaffe on CNN Wednesday night, when she accused Mitt Romney's wife Ann of having "never worked a day in her life," as less of a Democratic ...
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Rosenthal on Santorum: He Thrived on 'Fear and Xenophobia and Intolerance'

Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal pays tribute to former Republican candidate Rick Santorum: "Mr. Santorum showed that he could appeal to the far right, and the way far right, and the ...
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NBC's Parting Shot to Santorum: 'A Campaign Filled With Highly-Publicized Gaffes'

Reporting on Rick Santorum leaving the Republican presidential race on Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, correspondent Ron Mott proclaimed: "It was a campaign filled with highly-publicized ...
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MSNBC's Thomas Roberts: Is Tough Presidency 'Just Too Much to Ask from' Obama?

Apparently the problem for President Obama is that he is just cares too much about America.  That, or he's similar to Jimmy Carter, the last president who caused liberals to wonder if the ...
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Nikki Haley Slams NBC's Gregory: 'Media Thinks Women Only Care About Contraception'

Appearing on NBC's Sunday web-based feature Press Pass, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley tore apart the media obsession with the contraception debate: "The media thinks that women only care ...
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