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Campaign 2012

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'Chorus of Democrats' and NBC Want to Make Romney Wealth a 'Central Issue' in Campaign

In a report on Monday's NBC Today that could have been written by the Obama campaign, correspondent Peter Alexander helpfully touted the Democratic line of attack against Mitt Romney: " ...
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Spinning Hard, NYT's Mark Landler Spies 'Glimmers of a Resurgence' for Economy and Obama in Rust Belt

Mark Landler whose reporting on Obama is getting more gushy as the election nears, shone his journalistic flashlight on any slivers of good economic news he could find and suggested they would ...
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After ObamaCare Win, NYT's Landler Praises Obama for Expanding 'Safety Net,' 'Dispatching Osama,' and All Things Good

New York Times reporter Mark Landler: "What the Supreme Court’s decision does do is preserve Mr. Obama’s status as the president who did more to expand the nation’s safety net than any since ...
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On Illegal Immigration, New York Times Keeps Hammering Romney, Boosting Obama

Times reporters Trip Gabriel and Helene Cooper portray amnesty for illegals as a winner for Obama and a loser for Romney: "[Mitt Romney's] outreach efforts came after an order by Mr. Obama to ...
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NYT Leads Front-Page Cheers for Obama Enthusiasm at Gay Pride Rallies

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters led the front-page cheers for the new enthusiasm in the gay community surrounding Barack Obama's re-election campaign: "Now, campaign officials and other ...
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NBC: Are Obama Daughters the President's 'Secret Weapon'?

Trying to do some cheerleading for President Obama on Friday, NBC's Today touted the First Daughters as a major boon to his reelection, as co-host Matt Lauer proclaimed: "...with the election ...
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Ironic: New York Times Reporter Attacks 'Fox and Friends' for Partisan Slant

Ignoring the liberal slant of virtually every other media outlet, New York Times media reporter Jeremy Peters singled out the Fox News morning show Fox and Friends for partisan slant: "'Fox & ...
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Pity President Obama as Passive Victim of Circumstance, Suggests NYTimes Front Page

For such a historic figure, Barack Obama sure doesn't have much influence on the world. That's the theme of reporter Peter Baker's front-page "news analysis" for Monday's New York Times, ...
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Sympathy for 'the Devil': Anna Wintour 'an Engaged Politico and Valuable Asset' to Obama

Intimidating Vogue editor Anna Wintour is actually "an engaged politico and valuable asset to President Obama and his re-election effort," gushes Times political and media writer Jeremy Peters.
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NYT's Matt Bai Praises Statesmanlike and Contemplative' Bob Kerrey, Faults 'Tea Party Fervor'

In a profile for the New York Times Sunday Magazine, reporter Matt Bai fawned over former Democratic senator and presidential candidate Bob Kerrey as "a statesmanlike and contemplative presence" ...
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