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CNN Shoves Gun Control Into Spotlight After Obama Says Politics Can Wait

On a day where politics was supposed to take a back seat to "prayer and reflection" in the wake of a deadly Colorado shooting, CNN let liberal mayors drive the debate about gun control on Friday ...
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CNN Asks GOP Senator If He's 'Sore Loser' for Continuing to Fight ObamaCare

Not long after ObamaCare was upheld by the Supreme Court, CNN was challenging Republicans to accept defeat and get behind the law. Anchor Brooke Baldwin asked Sen. Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) on ...
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CNN Asks Tony Perkins 'Why Do Homosexuals Bother You So Much?'

Unsatisfied with Tony Perkins' explanation of his opposition to same-sex marriage, CNN's Brooke Baldwin flat-out asked him why homosexuals "bother" him "so much," on Thursday afternoon. ...
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CNN Compares Nominating Gay Activist to Judiciary with Desegregation

CNN continued its narrative of tying gay rights to the civil rights movement of the 1960s, on Tuesday's Starting Point. Anchor Brooke Baldwin and her panel battered Virginia Delegate Bob ...
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CNN Asks Obama's Education Secretary Which Accomplishment He's 'Proudest' of

CNN even noted it was an "election year" before giving Obama's Education Secretary a chance to share his "proudest" accomplishment from his time in office, no doubt bolstering the ...
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CNN Asks If Romney's 'Rich Guy Image' Will Hurt Him, Although Poll Shows Americans Don't Care

CNN continued to hype the possible negative implications of Mitt Romney's "rich guy image" on Monday evening, even though a new poll reports 71 percent of Americans said Romney's wealth is "not a ...
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CNN Hypes 'Exploding' Number of 'Extremist' Anti-Gov't Groups

CNN let the liberal Southern Poverty Law Center brand many right-wing "patriot" groups as "extremist" and racist on Friday afternoon. CNN host Brooke Baldwin simply listened to the SPLC talking ...
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Howard Kurtz: Bachmann Should Have Expected Verbal Abuse Because She Ran for President

Michele Bachmann complained that although the media are outraged over an insult of Sandra Fluke, "there is no level of vitriol that's beyond the pale" when the victims are conservative women. ...
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