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Liberal Journalist Carole Simpson Laughs at Romney, Praises Obama on CNN

The day before Wednesday's presidential debate, CNN hosted liberal journalist Carole Simpson, a long-time ABC News anchor, to give her take on the event. Not surprisingly, she laughed at Mitt ...
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Brooke Baldwin Dismisses Effectiveness of Media Bias Accusations

Ignoring other conservative condemnations of liberal media bias, CNN's Brooke Baldwin on Monday afternoon pulled tape of former President George H. W. Bush all the way from 1992 ranting about ...
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CNN Hypes 'Tsunami' of Romney Campaign Problems

After CNN pounded away at the latest media-manufactured Mitt Romney gaffe, CNN's Brooke Baldwin remarked on Tuesday that the campaign faces a "tsunami" of "myriad issues." "Can they right ...
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CNN's Baldwin Misses FRC Shooter's Political Motive -- Despite CNN Reporting It Earlier

CNN's Brooke Baldwin couldn't find a motive behind the Family Research Council shooting, on Thursday afternoon – despite CNN having earlier reported that "politics" was involved in the ...
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Non-Partisan? CNN Uses Dem Talking Point to 'Fact-Check' Romney Ad

In quite partisan fashion, CNN used a Democratic talking point to "fact-check" what is simply the valid opinion of many conservatives. Taking a Romney campaign ad claiming Obama is waging a "war ...
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Media Rush to Attack Gun Rights in Wake of Aurora Shooting

Within hours of the horrible massacre at the Aurora, Colorado movie theater, liberal reporters hijacked the tragedy to advance their anti-gun rights agenda. As they did in the wake of school ...
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CNN Refutes CNN's Claim That Romney Is In Hot Water Overseas

CNN hyped Mitt Romney's "rocky start" to his London trip, casting his concern for the security at the London Olympics as a PR flap. However, British CNN host Piers Morgan shot down that ...
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CNN Asks Why Democrats Haven't Done More for Gun Control

CNN forced gun control into the headlines just hours after Friday's tragic Aurora shooting, and five days later it continued to pressure Democrats to push for more gun regulation. On ...
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CNN Uses Aurora Shooting to Force Anti-Gun Agenda on Viewers

CNN used Friday's tragic shooting to force the gun control debate back into headlines this past weekend, and multiple network anchors made a blatant liberal push for further gun regulation. ...
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CNN Shoves Gun Control Into Spotlight After Obama Says Politics Can Wait

On a day where politics was supposed to take a back seat to "prayer and reflection" in the wake of a deadly Colorado shooting, CNN let liberal mayors drive the debate about gun control on Friday ...
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