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CNN's Pereira, Stelter Cheer Left-Wing Activists That Pushed Out Commencement Speakers

On Monday's noontime EDT This Hour, CNN's Michaela Pereira acted as an apologist for the student and/or faculty-led protests in recent weeks that forced out several high-profile speakers from ...
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NY Times: Al Jazeera America to Focus on Domestic U.S. News

Times’ Stelter puffs ‘boots-on-the-ground news coverage.’  
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NY Times Editor Abramson Called Brusque, 'Very Unpopular,' Defenders Cry Sexism

Politico media reporter Dylan Byers stirred up media indignation with an unflattering article on Jill Abramson, the New York Times executive editor, based on anonymous Times sources who claim ...
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NYT's Stelter Berates Fox for Daring to Report on Deadly Texas Blast, Not Obama's Angry Gun Remarks

Times media reporter Brian Stelter suggests Fox News used bad, biased news judgment in covering "a Texas fertilizer plant explosion" (that has so far killed 12 people) instead of Obama's petulant ...
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'Liberal Intellectual' Chris Hayes's 'Well-Regarded...Thoughtful' MSNBC Show Hailed by NYT's Brian Stelter

Times media reporter Brian Stelter piles on the praise for left-wing MSNBC host Chris Hayes, who is moving up the ranks: "Mr. Hayes, a liberal intellectual who has hosted a well-regarded weekend ...
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In Bob Woodward Dust-Up, New York Times Takes Side of White House, Not Fellow Journalist

The Times finally reacts to the Bob Woodward-White House dust-up, and comes down on the side of Obama's White House. "To some Republican politicians and conservative activists, Mr. Woodward’s ...
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Al’s Jazeera: Gore Sells Current to Network with ‘Aligned’ Views?

Are Current TV and Al Jazeera birds of a feather?
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NYT Praises Fox for Leaving Out 'Agitprop' on Election Night, Strains to Prove MSNBC Catching Up (Again) to Fox

Times media columnist David Carr "praises" Fox News for its election night coverage: "Over many months, Fox lulled its conservative base with agitprop: that President Obama was a clear ...
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Two NYT Reporters Boast of Obama Leading Romney 'Into a Trap' on Libya, But Romney Was Right

Great minds think alike. New York Times reporter Michael Shear: "Mr. Obama had the look of a man who was watching his rival walk right into a trap." Reporter Helene Cooper, 40 minutes later: "Mr. ...
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NYT's Stelter: PBS Host Gwen Ifill 'Livid' Over Not Being Chosen to Moderate Presidential Debate

Dismissing conservative concerns of liberal bias on the part of moderators for the presidential debates as a predictable Rush Limbaugh talking point, New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter ...
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