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Planned Parenthood Donor Mayor Bloomberg Hailed for 'Longtime Support for...Women's Health'

Michael Grynbaum: "But thanks to exquisite timing, an ear for the zeitgeist and an assist from the momentum and immediacy of the Internet, a $250,000 pledge from Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg to ...

Times Celebrates Social Media Outcry That Would Soon Force Komen to Capitulate

Friday's lead story celebrated the social media outcry among "the growing number of people online, mostly women, who decried what they view as the politicization of women's health care," which ...

NYT Sides With 'Health Provider' Planned Parenthood in 'Partisan' Komen Funding Cut-Off

Reporters Gardiner Harris and Pam Belluck claim that "Only a small percentage of Planned Parenthood's expenditures go toward abortion services." Yet the Times also admitted PP was "the nation's ...

ABC's Robin Roberts Grills Govt Official: Was Breast Cancer Decision Rationing?

ABC's Robin Roberts on Thursday pressed a government official on rationing and a new recommendation that women under the age of 50 shouldn't get regular mammograms. Talking to one of report's ...

GMA Questions Appropriateness of 'Skimpy Bikini' PSA Yet Shows Clip Six Times

ABC repeatedly shows controversial breast cancer ads while expressing disapproval.
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