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Tanenhaus Sees Conservatives in "Rigor Mortis" Despite Tea Parties, Floats Conspiracy Theory on Bush v. Gore

Times editor Sam Tanenhaus, author of "The Death of Conservatism," insists to Bill Moyers that the massive protests against Obama may be "overt signs of energy and vitality, but the rigor mortis I ...

To NY Times Editor Tanenhaus, Obama Centrist, Explicitly Nonideological

Week in Review and Book Review editor Sam Tanenhaus sees liberals like Barack Obama as "consensus" oriented, "explicitly nonideological" centrists and Republicans as "ideologically committed" ...

Will the World End in Fire, Or in Ice? Don't Ask Us

Does biologist Bill Streever, author of "Cold," a survey of the coldest places on earth, fear global warming? One critic says heck yes, the other says of course not.

The End of (Cold) Days?

Apocalypse pretty soon thanks to global warming, predicts book critic Dwight Garner: "The end of our species seems far more likely to arrive by fire than by ice."

NYT: How Dare Food Folks Make Their Products Taste Good

Health columnist Tara Parker-Pope celebrates former FDA head David Kessler's book blaming the food industry for making us fat: "But food scientists work hard to reach the precise point at which we ...

Cheney-Palin Style of Patriotism Just "Belligerent and Defensive Chauvinism"

Book editor Barry Gewen lavishes the highest praise on an ambitious new book: "The patriotism on display in 'The American Future' is hardly the narrow and cramped sentiment that in recent years ...

Clark Hoyt Stands Up for Edmund Andrews, Dismisses "Bloggers"

The paper's public editor doesn't find it worrisome that economics reporter Edmund Andrews left his wife's two bankruptcies out of his book on his own personal mortgage crisis, and dismisses ...

David Sanger Finds Wisdom in Conspiracy-Monger's Book on Muslim World

Professor Juan Cole calls Israel "racist" and "fascist" on his blog. He now has a book out, and the Times' David Sanger thinks Bush should have "mulled over such material."

On Front Page, Obama Now Being Praised for Reading

Book critic Michiko Kakutani writes that "Mr. Obama's love of fiction and poetry...has not only given him a heightened awareness of language. It has also imbued him with a tragic sense of history ...

Liberal Snob Egan Angry at "No Good" Joe the Plumber's Book Deal

Timothy Egan: "Joe, a k a Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, was no good as a citizen, having failed to pay his full share of taxes, no good as a plumber, not being fully credentialed, and not even any good ...
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