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Rick Perry Tells Chuck Todd He Will 'Not Be Invited' to Moderate Presidential Debate

During the Republican Governors Association conference on Wednesday, Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd spent more than half of an hour-long panel discussion grilling several GOP governors on ...
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Todd Hit Jindal from the Left On Medicaid Expansion, Befuddled Public Doesn't See ObamaCare Successes

On Sunday, Governor Bobby Jindal (R-La.) sat down with Meet the Press moderator Chuck Todd and was repeatedly hit from the left over his refusal to expand Medicaid as part of ObamaCare. Todd began ...
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$6.4 Million from Soros Behind Legal Battles for 3 Conservative 2016 Contenders

Liberal billionaire funds groups trying to get potential presidential candidates recalled, indicted.
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MSNBC's Finney: GOPers 'Trying to Harm the Health of Women,' 'Endangering the Health of Their Citizens'

On Sunday's Disrupt show on MSNBC, host Karen Finney wondered by Texas Republicans are "trying to harm the health of women in the state" by passing laws against abortion instead of dealing with ...
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CNN's Velshi Attacks Bobby Jindal, GOP 'Weird Math' and 'Balanced Budget Nonsense'

Responding to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal (R) on Monday, CNN's chief business correspondent slammed GOP "weird math" and "balanced budget nonsense" on the sequestration. "And it's this ...
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