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Bill Maher

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After Apologizing for 'Terrible' Hurricane Comment, Matthews Features Bill Maher for Hitler Jokes

On the same night he apologized for making a horribly inappropriate comment about Hurricane Sandy, Chris Matthews on Wednesday had Bill Maher on Hardball to compare Karl Rove and Republicans to ...
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Times Provides More Space for Controversial Comedian Bill Maher, This Time in Support of Drug Legalization

Left-wing Bill Maher gets more valuable Times space, this time in the Sunday Book Review: "The drug war, just like the war on terror, created jobs and budgets, and the beneficiaries don’t want ...
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Not Biased? CNN Has Obama Donor Bill Maher Guest Host for Piers Morgan

The next time CNN denies having any liberal bias, it will have to explain having liberal Obama donor Bill Maher guest-hosting on Friday night during prime-time. Not only is Maher an avowed ...
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CNN Showcases Romney's Connection to Trump, But Had No Initial Inquiry of Bill Maher and Obama

CNN jumped all over Donald Trump's "birther" remarks on Tuesday as Trump hosted a fund raiser for Mitt Romney. CNN ran the story almost every single hour on Tuesday evening and Wednesday ...
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Maher Claims Romney 'Bullying' Worse Than Michael Jackson Molestation

Appearing as a guest on Tuesday's Conan show on TBS, HBO comedian Bill Maher absurdly suggested that recent allegations that Mitt Romney engaged in "bullying" in high school are worse than being ...
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After Weeks of Ignoring Bill Maher's Vileness, NBC's Today Freaks Over Ted Nugent's Violent Rhetoric

Everyone on NBC's Today show payroll ignored foul-mouthed comedian Bill Maher's $1 million donation to an Obama super PAC -- but NBC's Andrea Mitchell went to extravagant lengths on Wednesday ...
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Hypocritical Piers Morgan Slams Gingrich's 'Overreaction' to 'White First Lady' Joke

Piers Morgan was astonished that Newt Gingrich can't take a joke about "white" First Ladies -- but Morgan himself has a double standard concerning political satire. He laughed at a vulgar Bill ...
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NYT Grants Bill Maher Space for 'Stop Apologizing' Plea; Paper Still Ignoring Maher's Vile Insults of Sarah Palin

Even as comedian and talk-show host Bill Maher appears in the New York Times by writing an op-ed and by making a $1 million donation to a pro-Obama SuperPAC, the Times ignores his history of ...
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Republicans Are "Cowards" for Not Trashing Limbaugh; Foul MSNBC Hosts Want Limbaugh Purged

Even though left-wing hosts have said far worse, the liberal media pounce on Rush Limbaugh's unfortunate comment, with network reporters suggesting Republicans are "cowards" for not denouncing ...
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NYT's Brian Stelter Labels Rush Limbaugh an 'Offensive Figure'

According to New York Times media reporter Brian Stelter, Rush Limbaugh is an "offensive figure," but race-baiter Al Sharpton is merely a "liberal commentator"? And the paper has yet to ...
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