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Bill Clinton

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New York Magazine Fawns Over the Clintons: 'Most Celebrated Political Marriage in American History'

Several media outlets have eagerly picked up the political gossip coming out of a New York magazine story on Hillary Clinton and her possible 2016 run. The article itself is a fawning profile of ...
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ABC Puffs Bill and Hillary Clinton Enjoying 'Long Walks,' Skips New Scandal

The journalists at Good Morning America on Monday hyped a puff piece on whether Hillary Clinton will run for President in 2016, but ignored a critical look at the Clinton Global Initiative and its ...
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New Time Editor Nancy Gibbs Has Lengthy Record of Liberal Goo

Time magazine has named long-time veteran Nancy Gibbs as the new Managing Editor now that Richard Stengel has (officially) joined the Obama administration. As chronicled by the MRC, Gibbs has been ...
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CBS Plays Up The Absence of Republican Speakers at King Anniversary

On Thursday's CBS This Morning, Jeff Pegues spotlighted the lack of GOP speakers at the 50th anniversary commemoration of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech: "Noticeably absent from this ...
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ABC Touts the Official Word on Weiner: Bill and Hillary Clinton's 'Patience Has Run Out'

Tuesday's Good Morning America, just as NBC did on Monday, offered concern about how the Weiner scandal would impact Bill and Hillary Clinton. Reporter Linsey Davis breathlessly explained that for ...
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NPR: Clinton Shielded EPA from 'Most Frightening Attack' By GOP

On Wednesday's All Things Considered, NPR's Elizabeth Shogren blasted the Republican congressional majority led by Newt Gingrich during the 1990s. Shogren spotlighted a MIT professor's assertion ...
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ABC: Clinton and Christie 'Bromance' Is Like 'Clooney and Pitt,' 'Han Solo and Chewbacca'

ABC on Saturday fawned over the growing "bromance" between Bill Clinton and Chris Christie, hyping the relationship as like "Clooney and Pitt" and, oddly, "Han Solo and Chewbacca." Good Morning ...
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CNN Fawns Over Chelsea Clinton And Her 'Extraordinary Parents'

CNN loves the Clintons. After running a Hillary puff piece on Thursday, CNN fawned over Chelsea on Friday morning's Starting Point. Michaela Pereira, co-host of CNN's new morning show New Day, ...
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CNN Puffs Up Hillary's Speech, Hypes 2016 Prospects

On Thursday's The Lead, CNN's Erin McPike touted Hillary Clinton's speech at the Clinton Global Initiative and hyped her prospects for 2016. She ignored any controversies from Clinton's ...
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NBC's Brokaw Gushes Over Clintons 'Still At the Top of the Attention Span in This Country'

Appearing on Thursday's NBC Today to promote his new show premiering on the Military Channel, The Brokaw Files, special correspondent Tom Brokaw fondly looked back at a 1993 interview he conducted ...
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