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Nicki Minaj, MTV and Pornified Pop

From Madonna to stripper hip, pop goes porn.
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Ban ‘Bossy?’ Beyoncé Says ‘Bitch’ 9x in New Album

The Beyoncé hypocrisy shines through.
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Valentine’s Love or Lust? Top 100 Pop Songs Celebrate Love as ‘Drunk,’ Dirty Sex

Lyrics reveal culture’s twisted notion of what love is.
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Tasteless: New Beyoncé Song Samples Challenger Disaster Audio

Tragic sound bite starts inane pop song.
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Lapdog ABC Still Not Interested in Details of Obama Donor Beyonce's Trip to Cuba

This past April, celebrity Obama donors Beyonce Knowles and husband Jay-Z took a controversial trip to the communist country of Cuba. Knowles appeared on Monday's Good Morning America and ...
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Lapdog ABC: Trip to Cuba By Obama Donors Beyonce and Jay-Z Is 'Much Ado About Nothing'

Lapdog journalist Josh Elliott on Tuesday offered no skepticism about a controversial trip Beyonce and Jay-Z took to Cuba. The Good Morning America news reader insisted that there was nothing ...
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CNN Gives 8 Times the Coverage to Beyonce's Lip Sync Than Obama's Falsehood

CNN gave over eight times more coverage to Beyonce lip synching the national anthem than it did to President Obama's falsehood on the sequester last Friday. After the President claimed in ...
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