Bashar al-Assad

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ABC Touts Obama on Syria: A 'Threat of Force' in 'Showdown of World Titans'

ABC on Friday morning again tried to prop up Barack Obama's handling of Syria, hyping "encouraging news" and "signs of hope." Reporter Martha Raddatz touted White House spin on Russia's ...
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Charlie Rose to Assad: No One Calls You A 'Reformer' Anymore, Like Hillary Did

On Monday's CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose cited how Hillary Clinton once referred to Bashar al-Assad as a "reformer," but didn't use the former Secretary of State's name in his question to the ...
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Flashback: ABC's Diane Sawyer Dished With Assad Over His Love of Shania Twain and Ipods

While covering Bashar al-Assad on Tuesday, Martha Raddatz described the Syrian dictator as "looking poised and immaculately dressed." This light-hearted description is reminiscent of some of the ...
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