Nets Use Nazi Comparison to Tar Obama Opponents, Delight in Barney Frank's Retort

ABC, CBS and NBC on Wednesday night all showcased liberal Congressman Barney Frank's rejoinder - "On what planet do you spend most of your time?" - to a woman's question: "Why do you continue to ...

Dylan Ratigan: in the Tank for Frank

MSNBC host can't hear enough of liberal congressman's 'obviously intelligent' meddling in the markets.

Barneynomics: Congressman Wants to Force Executives to Pay Companies for Losses

House Financial Services Chairman Rep. Barney Frank tells CNBC some executives should face negative compensation for losses due to risk taking.

Witty Barney Frank, Meet Senator Al Franken

An article by Michael Powell awards the contested Minnesota Senate seat to Al Franken and revels in the anti-Republican wit of liberal Rep. Barney Frank.

Media Irked by Bachus' 'Socialist' Label; Ignores Double Standard

Bachus rebuked on MSNBC for claims of 17 socialists in the House of Reps, despite recent Newsweek cover claiming 'We're All Socialist Now.'

Amazing Omissions in Times Interview of Barney Frank

A Times writer manages to talk to Barney Frank about Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and an SNL skit without bringing up a single challenging question.

Dear WSJ: Market is Risk Regulator

Systemic risks are small when the market is free, voluntary and open to competition.

Dear Wall Street Journal: CEO Pay Caps are Micromanagement

How is dictating pay structure for executives not government interference?

MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell Pleads 'Guilty' to Barney Frank for Media Scrutiny of Obama Appointees

Network's chief foreign affairs correspondent says culture of 'gotcha' is 'completely out of control.'

Barney Frank Seeks Prosecutions for Those Involved in Downturn

House Financial Services Committee chairman to push for civil, criminal statutes to make bad practices illegal, but avoids addressing his own role in downturn.
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