Centrist Obama Victim of "Smears and Internet Innuendo"

Reporter Julie Bosman defends Obama against undefined Internet "smears": "This advertisement tries to define Mr. Obama and his life story in the face of smear e-mail and Internet innuendo about ...

Rock-Star Puffery for Obama: Plus Obama vs. Cosby on Black Fathers

Remarks on black parenting that were "inflammatory" when said by Bill Cosby in 2004 are now blunt and striking when coming from Obama.

Notable Quotables - 06/16/2008

Times Warns McCain: Don't Call Obama a Tax-and-Spend Liberal

Hitting McCain hard for implying liberal Obama will raise taxes: Economists of various ideological persuasions, however, view Mr. McCain's assessment as inaccurate or exaggerated. Some question ...

Did "Conservative Bloggers" Spread Michelle Obama "Whitey" Rumor?

The Times implies it did - but the rumor entered the blogosphere on the website of a Hillary Clinton supporter.

Times Takes Anti-Hillary "Sexism" Charges Seriously

Prodded by feminists, the Times and the rest of the media wonder if its coverage of Hillary was sexist and unfair, while admitting to "euphoric" converage of Obama.

Double Standard Alert: GOP "Death Tax" in Quotes, Dem "Windfall Profits" Not

Liberal conventional wisdom on display on Wednesday's front page, with "death tax" and the idea of "victory" in Iraq surrounded by quotation marks, but liberal phrases run unencumbered.

Danger! Danger! Alessandra Stanley Attempts a Simile

"And like the Sci Fi series, Mr. McCain, with occasional puckishness, can tap in to voters' darkest fears of terrorist aggression and apocalyptic doom."

Obsessing Over Republican Race Cards Against Obama

Marcus Mabry on the GOP's suspicious camapaign schemes.

Former MSNBC Host Tucker Carlson: 'The Press Love Obama'

Network's senior campaign correspondent notes pro-Barack bias, says Couric's failure a product of changing media.
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