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GAO Says Obama Admin Evaded Law on Welfare Waivers; CNN, CBS, ABC All Ignore

Earlier this week, the GAO said the Obama administration evaded the law by waiving welfare requirements, but CNN failed to mention the report. Neither CBS nor ABC reported it as well. According to ...
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Liberal Networks Struggle to Spin Obama's 'Different,' 'Small' Speech: Not 'the Best'

Even the journalists on the liberal NBC, CBS and ABC morning shows had a hard time spinning Barack Obama's acceptance speech to the Democratic National Convention. On Friday's Today show, ...
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Matthews on Obama: 'The Fact That He's Black' Is Why 'They're Asking for His Papers'

During the midnight hour of MSNBC's Thursday night Democratic National Convention coverage, host Chris Matthews managed to squeeze in another charge of racism against a black President by "right ...
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Ex-Newsweek's Fineman Sees Obama's Claim It is 'Unpatriotic' to Criticize Economy as 'Brilliant'

During the midnight hour of MSNBC's Thursday night Democratic National Convention coverage, MSNBC analyst Howard Fineman -- formerly of Newsweek -- declared that it was "brilliant" for President ...
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MSNBC Marvels at President Obama's Convention Speech: 'Epic'; 'Home Run'; 'Made Me Feel Good'

The liberal personalities on MSNBC reacted to President Barack Obama's Thursday night speech at the Democratic National Convention in the exact same way they did to Bill Clinton the previous ...
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MSNBC's Klein Dismisses Harm of High Tax Rates, Clinton is 'Missile' for Obama

As Washington Post columnist and MSNBC analyst Ezra Klein appeared during the midnight hour of Wednesday night's Democratic National Convention coverage on MSNBC, he described former President ...
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MSNBC Unanimously 'Giddy' Over 'Extraordinary', 'Powerful', 'Masterful' Bill Clinton

MSNBC's on-air personalities were plainly in awe of Bill Clinton on Wednesday night. Moments after the former President finished his speech at the Democratic National Convention, they kept up the ...
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Paul Ryan Schools Piers Morgan: Obama Has 'Made Things Worse'

When CNN's Piers Morgan argued that President Obama needed time to fix the economy, Paul Ryan answered him on Wednesday that Obama slowed what should have been a quick recovery. "You have to ...
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NBC's Mitchell Trumpets 'Political Superstar' Michelle Obama; 'All About Hugs'

Andrea Mitchell gushed over Michelle Obama on Tuesday's NBC Nightly News, labeling her a "political superstar" and "her husband's best campaigner, hardly needing to practice with the Teleprompters ...
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With Critical Valerie Jarrett Profile, New York Times Still Covers President Obama's Left Flank

But Obama's not a liberal? Times reporter Jo Becker: "Ms. Jarrett often serves as a counterweight to the more centrist Clinton veterans in the administration...It is not so much that she is Mr. ...
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