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PBS Star Jim Lehrer's Record of Liberal Bias in Debates

Jim Lehrer's been the liberal face of taxpayer-funded PBS for decades -- and has demonstrated a liberal tilt in recent presidential debates.
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CNN Keeps Hitting Libya Fiasco While Networks Drop Story

CNN reported a new bombshell in the ongoing Libya fiasco on Monday night, while the broadcast networks made no mention of Libya all day Monday and through Tuesday morning after already ...
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Liberal Journalist Carole Simpson Laughs at Romney, Praises Obama on CNN

The day before Wednesday's presidential debate, CNN hosted liberal journalist Carole Simpson, a long-time ABC News anchor, to give her take on the event. Not surprisingly, she laughed at Mitt ...
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Obama's World-Class Arrogance

Obama's speech at the UN drew a straight line from blasphemers of Jesus Christ to his own critics, as if both are willing to offend messianic figures.
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CBS Highlights Kerry's Debate Prep Help for Obama; Omits He Lost '04 Election

Talk about missing the elephant (or is it donkey?) in the room – on Tuesday's CBS This Morning, Nancy Cordes reported that Senator John Kerry is "playing Mitt Romney in mock debates" with ...
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Hard-Hitting NYTimes Hails Michelle Obama's 'Elegant Arms' and Barack's Shirtless Photos

More of that hard-hitting New York Times journalism. Joyce Purnick praised Michelle Obama's "bare, toned, elegant arms," while Stuart Emmerich focused the fact that "Barack Obama shirtless" gets ...

Don't Worry Readers, Obama Not Like Carter, Assures NYT Reporter Scott Shane

Not if the media has anything to say about it: New York Times reporter Scott Shane insisted "the deaths of American diplomats in Libya are not a continuing crisis."
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NYT Cover Book Review Claims 'Loathing' Conservatives Need Therapy in Age of 'Moderate' Obama

Mark Lilla in the cover story for the New York Times Book Review: "Whenever conservatives talk to me about Barack Obama, I always feel quite certain that they mean something else. But what ...
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George Stephanopoulos: Reliably Crowning Democrats as Debate Winners

In eight out of the last nine general election presidential debates (every one since he joined ABC News in 1997), George Stephanopoulos has gone on his network’s airwaves to claim victory for the ...
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CBS Hypes Romney's 'High Negatives'; Wonders if Obama Will Be 'Competitive' or 'Cool' at Debate

Norah O'Donnell made it clear on Monday's CBS This Morning that her job as anchor is to repeat her stick-a-fork-in-Romney mantra and boost President Obama. On the issue of the upcoming debates, ...
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