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ABC Hypes Return of Robin Roberts By Touting Her Biggest Fans: The Obamas

ABC's Good Morning America on Wednesday welcomed Robin Roberts back from sick leave by surprising the co-host with her biggest fans, Barack and Michelle Obama. Within two minutes of the show's ...
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Stenographers at ABC: Obama Will Work to 'Pressure' and 'Shame' Congress on Cuts

ABC journalist Jon Karl continued his role as White House stenographer, Tuesday, repeating Barack Obama's talking points on the upcoming sequester cuts. Karl insisted that the President is "really ...
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MSNBC's Chris Matthews: Is 'Great' Obama About to Equal Presidents on Mount Rushmore?

Although every holiday may seem like Obama Day to Chris Matthews, the MSNBC host used the date often devoted to Lincoln and Washington as an excuse to wonder if the current President is headed to ...
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ABC and NBC Use Blood-Soaked Chicago to Push for Gun Control, Ignore Restrictive Laws

All three network newscasts on Friday featured Chicago as an example of Barack Obama's call for more gun control. ABC and NBC ignored the inconvenient fact that the city already has some of the ...
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Bill Plante: Obama-Tiger Woods Photo Would Have Been GOP 'Propaganda'; Boosted Obama Skeet Shooting Pic

The irony must have been lost on Bill Plante when he reported on Monday's CBS This Morning that President Obama "did golf with Tiger [Woods], but we didn't see a picture of it. They [the Obama ...
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Taking a Sip of Water = The End of Marco Rubio?

The liberal media slash at Senator Marco Rubio for his response to President Obama's State of the Union, with MSNBC deriding it as "claws out" and "primitive," even as CNN and NBC mocked how Rubio ...
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'Lincoln' Screenwriter: Obama Win a Rejection of 'Psychotic' Reagan Era Ideology

Tony Kushner, the screenwriter behind the Oscar nominated movie 'Lincoln,' compared Barack Obama to the 16th president and called the defeat of Mitt Romney a "rejection" of the "Reagan era ...
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HuffPo: Workers “Really Deserve” a $21.72 Minimum Wage

President Obama’s call for an increase to $9-an-hour not enough for left-wing website.
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More New York Times Happy Talk on Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

Barack Obama simply can do no wrong. Reporter Ashley Parker: "As senators gathered Wednesday for the first hearing on the proposed sweeping changes in immigration law, they said the president’s ...
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ABC Uniquely Highlights Barack Obama's 'Betrayal' of Fort Hood Victims

ABC's Nightline on Tuesday night uniquely highlighted the "betrayal" of Fort Hood victims by Barack Obama, exposing how the President "used" survivors as props for the 2010 State of the Union ...
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