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Hyperbolic ABC: 'Massive Spending Cuts' to Cause 'Meat Shortages?'

The reporters of Good Morning America, who on Monday briefly questioned Barack Obama's hyperbolic talk about the sequester cuts, have returned to promoting dire warnings of meat shortages and ...
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ABC Hypes Obama's Sequester Warnings, Spins Cuts as Sounding 'Like a Disaster Movie'

ABC on Sunday continued to hype Barack Obama's hyperbolic claims about sequester cuts. World News reporter David Kerley played a clip of the President and then insisted that $85 billion in ...
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Sweeping Awards for Silly Commentary, NYT Finds 'Feminine Repression' in Aprons and Obama in 'Lincoln' Film

Really? Times fashion reporter Eric Lipton: "It was shocking in a way to see fashion like the dress worn by Anne Hathaway. Her last-moment choice was a pale pink dress that appeared to have ...
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NBC Joins White House 'PR Offensive' to Scare People About Sequester Cuts

Acting like an extension of the White House press office on Monday's NBC Today, correspondent Peter Alexander promoted Obama administration talking points on the upcoming budget sequester: "This ...
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Bloomberg's Carlson Predicts GOP 'Squeals' When Obama Makes Sequester Cuts 'Hurt'

Appearing on Friday's Andrea Mitchell Reports on MSNBC to discuss the upcoming budget sequestration, Bloomberg View columnist Margaret Carlson touted President Obama's ability "to manipulate ...
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NBC Thrilled Over Tiger Woods Complimenting Obama's Golf Game

Wednesday's NBC Today featured a full report on Tiger Woods praising President Obama's golf game, with White House correspondent Peter Alexander cheering the weekend outing as the "most talked ...
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Chris Matthews, Who Previously Whined About Too Much 'Hate' in Politics, Compares GOP to Hamas

On Wednesday's Hardball, Chris Matthews, who previously ranted about too much "hate" in politics, sneeringly compared the House GOP to Hamas. Talking to Jonathan Allen of Politico, Matthews ...
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CBS Hypes 'Deep', 'Massive' Spending Cuts; Slants Toward Obama, Democrats

Wednesday's CBS This Morning played up the supposedly gargantuan cuts in government spending that would go into the effect if the sequester goes into effect on March 1. Charlie Rose trumpeted the ...
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Networks Promote White House Fearmongering on Sequester Cuts, Ignore it Was Obama's Idea

The NBC, ABC, and CBS evening newscasts on Tuesday all recited the same White House talking points as anchors and correspondents wrung their hands over the upcoming sequester budget cuts set ...
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NY Times' Calmes Plugs Obama, Eager to End D.C. Dysfunction & Fighting 'Hazardous' Sequester

Obama the Good versus 'hazardous' budget cuts from the sequester, in the telling of Times White House reporter Jackie Calmes: "As the leader of the nation, Mr. Obama is eager to see an end to the ...
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