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NYTimes' Matt Bai: Obama's Factually Challenged Memoir Sign of 'Narrative Sophistication...Novelistic Instinct'

Through sympathetic alchemy, New York Times Magazine political writer Matt Bai managed to transform Barack Obama's factually loose biography as a sign of "his narrative sophistication, his ...
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NYT's Calmes Keeps 'Stimulus' Fires Burning for Obama, Versus 'Crude' Argument by Romney Supporter

For years Times White House reporter Jackie Calmes has loyally defended Obama's "stimulus," and she keeps the flame burning on the eve of the election in a story with this photo caption in her ...
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NYTimes: Economic 'Recovery' Helping 'Energized, Fortified' Obama Down Stretch As Romney 'Misleads' in Ad

The New York Times certainly leaned "Forward!" for Barack Obama's reelection in its campaign coverage over the weekend, in both word choice and photo choice. And New Jersey's Republican governor ...
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Fareed Zakaria Dismisses GOP Charges Against Obama On Libya as 'Highly Politicized'

New reports (and denials) that the CIA told its members in Benghazi to stand down during the embassy attacks are nothing but "an argument for ideologues" and no election game-changer, sounded ...
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ABC News Targets Group Fighting Voter Fraud, Hints at Racial Motive

Nightline correspondent Dan Harris on Thursday profiled an organization fighting voter fraud, suggesting that the non-partisan group might have a racial motive for targeting certain ...
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ABC Again Predicts Doom for Romney: Race 'Breaking' for Obama

Good Morning America's Matt Dowd, who is often billed as a down-the-line analyst, again predicted doom for Mitt Romney, agreeing with George Stephanopoulos's question that the presidential race is ...
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NBC Touts Bloomberg Helping Obama, Wonders if Christie Hurting Romney

Appearing on Friday's NBC Today, special correspondent Tom Brokaw strained to explain why New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg endorsing President Obama would be helpful: "[It] may not move the ...
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The Media’s Coverage of the Libya Attacks: From Slanted to Suppressed

In the immediate aftermath of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libay, all three broadcast networks touted the political angle that the events would bolster President Obama and damage Mitt Romney. ...
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CNN's Morgan Raises Bloomberg's Global Warming Concerns

On Thursday's Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN, host Morgan treated New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's endorsement of President Barack Obama as a significant threat to Mitt Romney, and ended up ...
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Piers Morgan Lauds Obama's 'Excellent Job' With Hurricane Sandy

CNN's Piers Morgan lauded President Obama's "excellent" work during Hurricane Sandy, and teed up liberal guest Michael Moore to bash Republicans on global warming. As NewsBusters reported ...
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