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NBC's Gregory: Do Obama Critics Have Same 'Resentment and Fear' as Racists 50 Years Ago?

At the top of Sunday's NBC Meet the Press, moderator David Gregory interviewed Democratic Congressman John Lewis about the 50th anniversary of Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech and ...
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CNN Donates 42 Minutes to Puff Obama Interview: Hypes New Dog, But Not IRS Scandal

CNN's Chris Cuomo scored an exclusive interview with Barack Obama on Friday and donated a whopping 42 minutes of his three hour New Day program to playing (and replaying) the discussion with the ...
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Networks Seize on White House Scandal...From 40 Years Ago

While NBC, ABC, and CBS have censored coverage of the ongoing IRS scandal for weeks – even as new revelations have moved it higher up the rungs of the Obama administration – on Wednesday and ...
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MSNBC: Obama Having to 'Swat' GOP 'Gnats' That Are 'Swarming Around Him'

On Wednesday's MSNBC Andrea Mitchell Reports, fill-in co-host Kathleen Matthews, wife of Hardball host Chris Matthews, lamented Republicans distracting President Obama from pushing his liberal ...
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Chris Matthews: House GOP's 'Ideological Zealotry Trumps' 'Minimal Loyalty' to U.S.

Extreme liberal Chris Matthews may be losing his 5pm time slot, but he isn't going quietly. On Tuesday's Hardball, Matthews sneered that House Republicans who are attempting to defund ObamaCare ...
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ABC Manages Entire Segment on 'White House Response' to Egypt Without Mentioning Obama

Good Morning America devoted a segment on Tuesday to the "White House response" on the growing crisis in Egypt without ever mentioning Barack Obama's name. George Stephanopoulos simply informed ...
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Forget All the Problems with ObamaCare, There's a New White House Dog!

Rather than focus on the myriad of problems plaguing the implementation of ObamaCare, on Tuesday, all three network morning shows instead provided coverage of the First Family getting a second ...
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MSNBC's Joy Reid Links Rodeo Clown to GOP, 'Shrinking Down to Its Most Extreme Elements'

On Friday's PoliticsNation show, during a segment in which host Al Sharpton lumped the Obama rodeo clown in Missouri into alleged GOP extremism, MSNBC contributor Joy Reid declared that "the ...
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NBC's Gregory Hopes Obama Uses Anniversary of MLK Speech as 'Leadership Moment' to 'Challenge Republicans'

At the end of Sunday's NBC Meet the Press, moderator David Gregory excitedly announced to his panel of guests: "We're coming up on an anniversary that is going to give the President an ...
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ABC Parrots Obama: Government Shutdown Would Cripple 'Weak' GOP for a 'Generation'

Former Democratic operative turned journalist George Stephanopoulos on Sunday parroted Barack Obama's talking points, insisting that a shutdown of the government would would a "weak" Republican ...
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