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NBC on Isaac: Obama Being Presidential; 'Difficult' for GOP Convention to Continue

In a Tuesday 10 a.m. et NBC News special report on President Obama declaring a state of emergency for Gulf Coast states in the path of Hurricane Isaac, Today co-host Matt Lauer gushed: ...
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Bad Pick-Up Lines

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NBC's Lauer: Romney Questioned 'The Very Legitimacy of the President of the United States's Citizenship'

In an interview with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Tuesday's NBC Today, co-host Matt Lauer was aghast at an off-the-cuff joke by Mitt Romney on Friday: "...he said, 'No one's ever ...
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Leno Hails Obama’s ‘Compassion for Regular People,’ Insists Republican ‘War on Women’ Is Real

Defending President Obama to guest Dennis Miller, Jay Leno admired Obama for how “he has compassion for regular people” that’s “missing” from the Republican Party which is carrying out “this sort ...
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Newt Gingrich Takes It to Chris Matthews on His 'Racist Thinking'

Chris Matthews, on Monday's Hardball, attacked Newt Gingrich with the same old liberal line about the GOP using racial code words, from Mitt Romney talking about welfare reform to Gingrich calling ...

Another New York Times Reporter Comes to Obama's Defense on His Weakening of Welfare Reform

The Times again covers Obama's left-flank, this time on his weakening of welfare reform: "Mr. Clinton could help blunt what Obama campaign officials say is a calculated effort by Mr. Romney to ...
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CNN Ignores Conservative Experts When Slamming Romney Welfare Ad as 'False'

CNN shot down Mitt Romney's claim that President Obama "gutted" welfare reform, despite experts who helped construct the actual 1996 law insisting that Obama did indeed strike at its heart ...
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CBS Morning Show Ignores Obama's False Reply on Campaign's Felony Charge Against Romney

On Tuesday's CBS This Morning, Norah O'Donnell and Gayle King applauded colleague Nancy Cordes for her "great question" to President Obama on Monday about a dishonest ad from a supporting super ...
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CNN Hypes GOP Links of Obama Critics Who Are Military Veterans

CNN is harping on the "partisan" connections of a group of military veterans criticizing President Obama, likening it to Swift Boat, yet it has helped further liberal partisan attacks in the ...
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Egan's Peculiar Omission in Bashing Romney as 'Olympic Caliber' Flip-Flopper: Mitt's 2002 Olympics

Former New York Times reporter Timothy Egan mocks Romney's ancestors for polygamy (though President Obama's family tree is similarly encumbered) and mocks Romney as an "Olympian" flip-flopper ...
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