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Matt Bai's Epic NYT Mag Story Blames Boehner, Tea Party 'Extremists' for Failed Debt Deal; Wash Post Blamed Obama

Matt Bai, chief political correspondent for the New York Times Magazine, delivered a 10,000-word epic cover story on last summer's failed debt negotiations between President Barack Obama and ...
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Mike Tyson: Bigoted Tea Party Can't Stand Seeing Obama as 'Strongest Man on the Planet'

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson believes America has become more racist since Barack Obama was elected president, and that groups like the Tea Party have surfaced through that ...
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Breaking News on NBC's 'Today': Obama's Chili Recipe Sparks Online Debate

While supposedly updating viewers on important news of the day on Friday's NBC Today, fill-in news anchor Savannah Guthrie touted an Obama campaign public relations effort: "Well, just days ...
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NYTimes White House Reporter Shoehorns Defense of Obama 'Stimulus' Into Tourist Piece on D.C. Cherry Blossoms

New York Times White House reporter Jackie Calmes made a surprise appearance in the arts pages to talk about cherry blossom season in Washington, D.C. The unsurprising part: Yet another ...
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New York Times, Mouthpiece for Obama, Calls French Newspaper 'Mouthpiece' for President Sarkozy

Behold the irony: The New York Times' Paris-based reporter Scott Sayare says the newspaper Le Figaro is "a right-leaning daily newspaper that is increasingly viewed as a mouthpiece for [President ...
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Krugman Says GOP Lying About Obama Wanting Higher Gas Prices....But Obama Did in 2007

NYT's Krugman: "First, the lie: No, President Obama did not say, as many Republicans now claim, that he wanted higher gasoline prices....The claim that Mr. Obama wanted higher prices is a lie, ...
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CBS's Rose Scoffs at Barbour's Attack on 'Liberal Media Elite'

On Thursday's CBS This Morning, Charlie Rose shamelessly boosted the Obama campaign's talking point about the economy: "The President will...say, things are in much better my policies ...
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CBS Boosts Democrats' Poster Bashing Paul Ryan Plan as Horror Movie

Charlie Rose surprised Rep. Paul Ryan on Tuesday's CBS This Morning by promoting the latest smear from the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Rose displayed their fake horror-movie ...
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Selling Socialism: The Media's Campaign for ObamaCare

Next week, the Supreme Court will hear arguments on the constitutionality of ObamaCare, but if the media were the judges, the Court would rule 9-0 in favor of it. 

Defending Obama, NYT's Broder Hits Mitt for Attacking Obama's Call for Higher Gas Prices: 'Unsubstantiated...Misleading'

New York Times reporter John Broder defends Obama to the hilt on his weak flank of high gas prices: "...Mitt Romney said that President Obama has sought higher gasoline and energy prices and ...
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