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After ObamaCare Win, NYT's Landler Praises Obama for Expanding 'Safety Net,' 'Dispatching Osama,' and All Things Good

New York Times reporter Mark Landler: "What the Supreme Court’s decision does do is preserve Mr. Obama’s status as the president who did more to expand the nation’s safety net than any since ...
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CBS's O'Donnell Touts Obama's Law Professor Past Before Court's ObamaCare Decision

On Thursday's CBS This Morning, Norah O'Donnell played up President Obama's experience as a lecturer in constitutional law just hours before the Supreme Court upheld his health care law. O'Donnell ...
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NBC Fawns Over Obamas' First Date, Mocks Romney As Being Like Britney Spears

In a particularly petty attempt to pump up President Obama and denigrate Mitt Romney, Tuesday's NBC Today brought on left-wing MSNBC host Alex Wagner for a supposed pop culture segment that ...
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New Lows for Media, President

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NYT Leads Front-Page Cheers for Obama Enthusiasm at Gay Pride Rallies

New York Times reporter Jeremy Peters led the front-page cheers for the new enthusiasm in the gay community surrounding Barack Obama's re-election campaign: "Now, campaign officials and other ...
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CBS's O'Donnell: Court Striking Down ObamaCare 'Might Be Better for the President'

On Sunday's Face The Nation, Norah O'Donnell desperately tried to find a silver lining for President Obama if the Supreme Court ends up striking down his health care law. While her fellow ...
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CBS Plays Up Romney's 'Secret Summit'; Barely Mentioned Obama's NYC Fundraiser

CBS This Morning on Friday spun Mitt Romney's upcoming meeting in Utah with prominent Republicans and top fundraisers as a "secret summit." Just a week earlier, the morning newscast didn't even ...
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NBC: Are Obama Daughters the President's 'Secret Weapon'?

Trying to do some cheerleading for President Obama on Friday, NBC's Today touted the First Daughters as a major boon to his reelection, as co-host Matt Lauer proclaimed: "...with the election ...
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How Would a Consistent News Media Cover a Supreme Court Ruling Against ObamaCare?

How the media might cover a Supreme Court ruling tossing out ObamaCare remains to be seen, but the MRC studied how the networks covered multiple Court rulings tossing out key elements of George W. ...
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Pity President Obama as Passive Victim of Circumstance, Suggests NYTimes Front Page

For such a historic figure, Barack Obama sure doesn't have much influence on the world. That's the theme of reporter Peter Baker's front-page "news analysis" for Monday's New York Times, ...
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