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CBS Trumpets Justice Dept. Leak Cases 'More Than Previous Administrations Combined'

Norah O'Donnell spun the recent controversy over national security leaks in the Obama administration's favor on Tuesday's CBS This Morning, touting that "the Justice Department...points out that ...
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Net Worth of Americans Drops 40 Percent? CBS Is Not Interested

Over a three year period, from 2007 to 2010, Americans saw their net worth drop by 39 percent. CBS, however, wasn't interested in this dire economic news.  The network skipped the ...
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Soledad O'Brien Cues Up Obama Campaign Operative to Agree There Should Be Another Stimulus

CNN's Soledad O'Brien spoonfed Democratic talking points to President Obama's deputy campaign manager on Monday's Starting Point.
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NBC's Curry Argues Obama's 'Fine' Gaffe 'Taken Out of Context'

Straining to find a way to excuse President Obama's Friday remark that "the private sector is doing fine," on Monday's NBC Today, co-host Ann Curry did her best to spin for the White House: ...
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Despite Obama’s Willingness to ‘Bankrupt’ Coal, Broadcast Networks Continue to Ignore Story

In contrast, NY Times and WaPo report Obama’s unpopularity in ‘coal country,’ and expose industry ‘under siege.’
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How Dare They: GOP 'Hijacked the News Cycle' to Exploit Obama's 'Six Words' on Private Sector 'Doing Fine,' Says NYT's Calmes

Jackie Calmes' "Six Words From Obama, and a Barrage in Return From Republicans" hints strongly that the Republicans are unfairly exploiting President Obama's gaffe that "the private sector is ...
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NYT's Harwood Leans on Discredited Exit Poll to Paint Brighter Picture for Obama in Wisconsin

Times reporter John Harwood sees a bright spot for Obama in Wisconsin even in the aftermath of Republican Gov. Scott Walker's big win: "But among those voting, exit polls showed, Mr. Obama was ...
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Walker Win "Not an Easy Night" for Left-Wing Hacks

Sadness broke out at MSNBC as Scott Walker put down a union-led effort to eject him from office, with host Ed Schultz wailing that "this is not going to be an easy night for many broadcasters who ...
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WashPost's Henderson Suggests FNC & 'Far Right' May Help Obama by Race-Baiting

Appearing as a panel member this weekend on the syndicated Chris Matthews Show, Nia-Malika Henderson of the Washington Post predicted that Fox News and the "far right" may drive independents and ...
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Bob Schieffer Laughs Off 'Campaigner-In-Chief' Charge Against Obama

Bob Schieffer didn't think much of the accusation that President Obama is the "campaigner-in-chief" on Friday's CBS This Morning. When anchor Erica Hill wondered if that charge could be "harmful" ...
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